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MCE Stress Test Suite
Oct 10th, 2009
Haicheng Li
About the MCE stress test suite
The MCE stress test suite is a collection of tools and test scripts, which
intends to achieve stress testing for Linux kernel MCA high level handlers
that include HWPosion page recovery, soft page offline, and so on.
In general, this test suite is designed to do stress testing thru various
test interfaces, i.e. madvise syscall, HWPoison page injector, and APEI
injector (see ACPI4.0 spec). And it's able to support most of popular
Linux File Systems (FS), that is, there is an option (i.e. -f) for user to
specify which FS type they want the test to be running on.
Test Dependencies
MCE stress test suite has following dependencies on kernel and other tools:
* Linux Kernel:
Version 2.6.32 or newer, with MCA high level handlers enabled.
* ltp-pan:
A test harness of Linux Test Project,
* page-types:
A tool to query page types, which is accompanied with Linux kernel
source (2.6.32 or newer, $KERNEL_SRC/Documentation/vm/page-types.c).
Pls. refer to the HOWTO doc (../doc/stress-howto.txt) to setup your test
In the package
Here is a short description of what is included in this test suite.
This document.
HOWTO doc, including design details and usage guide.
Makefile for MCE stress test suite.
Test driver.
Test workloads.
Get Started
Pls. read through the HOWTO doc (../doc/stress-howto.txt) before you start
the stress testing on your system.
You can also get help on specific test options in following way:
# ./ -h
Be careful with these tests!
Don't run them on production systems. They should not cause problems on
properly functioning systems, they are intended to find (or cause) problems.