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#ifndef _SPLITSTR_H_
#define _SPLITSTR_H_
* Synopsis
* const char **splitstr(const char *str, const char *separator, int *argcount)
* Description
* This function splits a string (str) into components that are separated by
* one or more of the characters in the (separator) string. An array of
* strings is returned, along with argcount being set to the number of strings
* found. Argcount can be NULL. There will always be a NULL element in the
* array after the last valid element. If an error occurs, NULL will be
* returned and argcount will be set to zero.
* To rid yourself of the memory allocated for splitstr(), pass the return
* value from splitstr() unmodified to splitstr_free():
* void splitstr_free( const char ** return_from_splitstr );
const char **
splitstr(const char *, const char *, int *);
* splitster_free( const char ** )
* This takes the return value from splitster() and free()s memory
* allocated by splitster. Assuming: ret=splitster(...), this
* requires that ret and *ret returned from splitster() have not
* been modified.
splitstr_free( const char ** );