Merge tag 'media/v5.8-2' of git://

Pull more media updates from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:

 - a set of atomisp patches. They remove several abstraction layers, and
   fixes clang and gcc warnings (that were hidden via some macros that
   were disabling 4 or 5 types of warnings there). There are also some
   important fixes and sensor auto-detection on newer BIOSes via ACPI
   _DCM tables.

 - some fixes

* tag 'media/v5.8-2' of git:// (95 commits)
  media: rkvdec: Fix H264 scaling list order
  media: v4l2-ctrls: Unset correct HEVC loop filter flag
  media: videobuf2-dma-contig: fix bad kfree in vb2_dma_contig_clear_max_seg_size
  media: v4l2-subdev.rst: correct information about v4l2 events
  media: s5p-mfc: Properly handle dma_parms for the allocated devices
  media: medium: cec: Make MEDIA_CEC_SUPPORT default to n if !MEDIA_SUPPORT
  media: cedrus: Implement runtime PM
  media: cedrus: Program output format during each run
  media: atomisp: improve ACPI/DMI detection logs
  media: Revert "media: atomisp: add Asus Transform T101HA ACPI vars"
  media: Revert "media: atomisp: Add some ACPI detection info"
  media: atomisp: improve sensor detection code to use _DSM table
  media: atomisp: get rid of an iomem abstraction layer
  media: atomisp: get rid of a string_support.h abstraction layer
  media: atomisp: use strscpy() instead of less secure variants
  media: atomisp: set DFS to MAX if sensor doesn't report fps
  media: atomisp: use different dfs failed messages
  media: atomisp: change the detection of ISP2401 at runtime
  media: atomisp: use macros from intel-family.h
  media: atomisp: don't set hpll_freq twice with different values