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  1. 23077bf usbutils 017 release by Greg Kroah-Hartman · 7 months ago master v017
  2. 2fc9cfc names: simplify get_vendor_product_with_fallback() a bit by Greg Kroah-Hartman · 7 months ago
  3. 0cc6572 lsusb: add fallback names for 'lsusb -v' output by Greg Kroah-Hartman · 7 months ago
  4. a8044d9 lsusb: fix build warning for dump_billboard_alt_mode_capability_desc() by Greg Kroah-Hartman · 7 months ago
  5. a83f411 Merge pull request #176 from rezso/patch-1 by Greg Kroah-Hartman · 7 months ago


This is a collection of USB tools for use on Linux and BSD systems to query what type of USB devices are connected to the system. This is to be run on a USB host (i.e. a machine you plug USB devices into), not on a USB device (i.e. a device you plug into a USB host.)

Building and installing

Note, usbutils depends on libusb, be sure that library is properly installed first.

To work with the “raw” repo, after cloning it just do:


Or if you like doing things “by hand” you can try the following:

Get the usbhid-dump git submodule:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Initialize autobuild with:

autoreconf --install --symlink

Configure the project with:


Build everything with:


Install it, if you really want to, with:

make install

Source location

The source for usbutils can be found in many places, depending on the git hosting site you prefer. Here are the primary locations, in order of preference by the maintainer: