atomisp staging driver changes for 6.5

- Some #ifdef ISP2401 removal work (Kate Hsuan)
- Now only 1 /dev/video# node is created
- Support for v4l2-async registered sensors, while keeping support for sensors
  registered through atomisp_gmin_platform for now to allow testing / converting
  sensors 1 by 1
- Support for selection API / crop selection to deal with the extra padding
  the atomisp wants / needs to receive from the sensor
- This removes the last of any atomisp custom sensor API, so the atomisp code
  can now fully work with standard v4l2 sensor drivers. I have another patch
  series which brings drivers/media/i2c/ov2680.c up2date with modern sensor
  driver practices like the selection API and after this atomisp-ov2680.c is
  no longer necessary.
- Update TODO file with remaining items which need fixing before this can
  be moved out of stating
- Updated testing instructions (in the TODO file)
media: atomisp: csi2-bridge: Add support for setting "clock-" and "link-frequencies" props

Some standard v4l2 sensor drivers from drivers/media/i2c expect a
"clock-frequency" property on the device indicating the frequency
of the extclk for the sensor. Example of such drivers are the
ov2680 and ov5693 drivers.

The standard ov5693 sensor also expects a "link-frequencies" property.
Add support for setting both properties.

Note the "clock-frequency" prop is added before the "rotation" prop while
the "link-frequencies" are added at the end to match the ipu3 cio2-bridge
code from which this is derived.

Signed-off-by: Hans de Goede <>
Reviewed-by: Andy Shevchenko <>
2 files changed