atomisp staging driver changes for 6.8

- The first commit in this pull-request fixes the driver no longer
  working due to v4l2_subdev_state handling in media_stage/master
- Merged a bunch of spelling and other small fixes from various
- Gracefully handle missing firmware:
  - Fix the driver crashing the system when the firmware is missing
  - Make the driver bind in power-managent-only mode when the firmware
    is missing so that the ISP is still properly turned off. This
    requires custom handling, not just standard PCI power-management.
    This allows the system to properly enter S0i3 with missing ISP
    firmware, allowing the atomisp driver to be used as a replacement
    for the pm-only drivers/platform/x86/atomisp/pm.c driver.
media: atomisp: Update TODO

Remove the TODO items for using the main (drivers/media/i2c) ov2680 and
ov5693 drivers and removing the atomisp specific ones, this has been done.

Remove the TODO item for gracefully handling missing firmware the
"media: atomisp: Bind and do power-management without firmware" changes
have fixed this.

Signed-off-by: Hans de Goede <>
1 file changed