Merge tag 'cgroup-for-6.3-rc6-fixes' of git://

Pull cgroup fixes from Tejun Heo:
 "This is a relatively big pull request this late in the cycle but the
  major contributor is the cpuset bug which is rather significant:

   - Fix several cpuset bugs including one where it wasn't applying the
     target cgroup when tasks are created with CLONE_INTO_CGROUP

  With a few smaller fixes:

   - Fix inversed locking order in cgroup1 freezer implementation

   - Fix garbage cpu.stat::core_sched.forceidle_usec reporting in the
     root cgroup"

* tag 'cgroup-for-6.3-rc6-fixes' of git://
  cgroup/cpuset: Make cpuset_attach_task() skip subpartitions CPUs for top_cpuset
  cgroup/cpuset: Add cpuset_can_fork() and cpuset_cancel_fork() methods
  cgroup/cpuset: Make cpuset_fork() handle CLONE_INTO_CGROUP properly
  cgroup/cpuset: Wake up cpuset_attach_wq tasks in cpuset_cancel_attach()
  cgroup,freezer: hold cpu_hotplug_lock before freezer_mutex
  cgroup/cpuset: Fix partition root's cpuset.cpus update bug
  cgroup: fix display of forceidle time at root