Merge branch 'next/soc' of git://

* 'next/soc' of git:// (21 commits)
  arm/imx: merge i.MX3 and i.MX6
  arm/imx6q: add suspend/resume support
  arm/imx6q: add device tree machine support
  arm/imx6q: add smp and cpu hotplug support
  arm/imx6q: add core drivers clock, gpc, mmdc and src
  arm/imx: add gic_handle_irq function
  arm/imx6q: add core definitions and low-level debug uart
  arm/imx6q: add device tree source
  ARM: highbank: add suspend support
  ARM: highbank: Add cpu hotplug support
  ARM: highbank: add SMP support
  MAINTAINERS: add Calxeda Highbank ARM platform
  ARM: add Highbank core platform support
  ARM: highbank: add devicetree source
  ARM: l2x0: add empty l2x0_of_init
  picoxcell: add a definition of VMALLOC_END
  picoxcell: remove custom ioremap implementation
  picoxcell: add the DTS for the PC7302 board
  picoxcell: add the DTS for pc3x2 and pc3x3 devices

Fix up trivial conflicts in arch/arm/Kconfig, and some more header file
conflicts in arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-generic.c (as per an ealier merge
by Arnd).