Merge branch 'next/timer' of git://

* 'next/timer' of git://
  clocksource: fixup ux500 build problems
  ARM: omap: use __devexit_p in dmtimer driver
  ARM: ux500: Reprogram timers upon resume
  ARM: plat-nomadik: timer: Export reset functions
  ARM: plat-nomadik: timer: Add support for periodic timers
  ARM: ux500: Move timer code to separate file
  ARM: ux500: add support for clocksource DBX500 PRCMU
  clocksource: add DBX500 PRCMU Timer support
  ARM: plat-nomadik: MTU sched_clock as an option
  ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: add error handling to export APIs
  ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: low-power mode support
  ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: skip reserved timers
  ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: pm_runtime support
  ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: switch-over to platform device driver
  ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: platform driver
  ARM: OMAP2+: dmtimer: convert to platform devices
  ARM: OMAP1: dmtimer: conversion to platform devices
  ARM: OMAP2+: dmtimer: add device names to flck nodes
  ARM: OMAP: Add support for dmtimer v2 ip