Merge tag 'ceph-for-5.1-rc1' of git://

Pull ceph updates from Ilya Dryomov:
 "The highlights are:

   - rbd will now ignore discards that aren't aligned and big enough to
     actually free up some space (myself). This is controlled by the new
     alloc_size map option and can be disabled if needed.

   - support for rbd deep-flatten feature (myself). Deep-flatten allows
     "rbd flatten" to fully disconnect the clone image and its snapshots
     from the parent and make the parent snapshot removable.

   - a new round of cap handling improvements (Zheng Yan). The kernel
     client should now be much more prompt about releasing its caps and
     it is possible to put a limit on the number of caps held.

   - support for getting extended attribute (Zheng Yan)"

* tag 'ceph-for-5.1-rc1' of git:// (26 commits)
  Documentation: modern versions of ceph are not backed by btrfs
  rbd: advertise support for RBD_FEATURE_DEEP_FLATTEN
  rbd: whole-object write and zeroout should copyup when snapshots exist
  rbd: copyup with an empty snapshot context (aka deep-copyup)
  rbd: introduce rbd_obj_issue_copyup_ops()
  rbd: stop copying num_osd_ops in rbd_obj_issue_copyup()
  rbd: factor out __rbd_osd_req_create()
  rbd: clear ->xferred on error from rbd_obj_issue_copyup()
  rbd: remove experimental designation from kernel layering
  ceph: add mount option to limit caps count
  ceph: periodically trim stale dentries
  ceph: delete stale dentry when last reference is dropped
  ceph: remove dentry_lru file from debugfs
  ceph: touch existing cap when handling reply
  ceph: pass inclusive lend parameter to filemap_write_and_wait_range()
  rbd: round off and ignore discards that are too small
  rbd: handle DISCARD and WRITE_ZEROES separately
  rbd: get rid of obj_req->obj_request_count
  libceph: use struct_size() for kmalloc() in crush_decode()
  ceph: send cap releases more aggressively