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* Various shadow registers. Defines for these are in include/asm-etrax100/io.h
/* Shadows for internal Etrax-registers */
unsigned long genconfig_shadow;
unsigned long gen_config_ii_shadow;
unsigned long port_g_data_shadow;
unsigned char port_pa_dir_shadow;
unsigned char port_pa_data_shadow;
unsigned char port_pb_i2c_shadow;
unsigned char port_pb_config_shadow;
unsigned char port_pb_dir_shadow;
unsigned char port_pb_data_shadow;
unsigned long r_timer_ctrl_shadow;
/* Shadows for external I/O port registers.
* These are only usable if there actually IS a latch connected
* to the corresponding external chip-select pin.
* A common usage is that CSP0 controls LEDs and CSP4 video chips.
unsigned long port_cse1_shadow;
unsigned long port_csp0_shadow;
unsigned long port_csp4_shadow;
/* Corresponding addresses for the ports.
* These are initialized in arch/cris/mm/init.c using ioremap.
volatile unsigned long *port_cse1_addr;
volatile unsigned long *port_csp0_addr;
volatile unsigned long *port_csp4_addr;