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// main program for Class Foo
extern "C" {
// Some <assert.h> implementations (e.g. SUNOS 4.1) are broken,
// in that they require <stdio.h>. But, if gcc/g++ is installed
// correctly, you should get gcc's assert.h.
// If the compile fails, it means the wrong include files are in use!
#include <assert.h>
#include "cdtest-foo.h"
extern "C" void __init_start();
extern Foo f(void);
extern void g(void);
/* This function should *not* be called by the environment. There is
no way in C++ to ``run something after the initializers but before main()''.
The library that depends on this (NIHCL) is broken. -- John Gilmore
We leave this here to test that future changes to the compiler
do not re-introduce this losing ``feature''. */
static Foo static_foo( "static_foo");
int main()
assert (Foo::nb_foos() == 2);
Foo automatic_foo( "automatic_foo");
Foo bla_foo = f();
assert (Foo::nb_foos() == 4);
assert (Foo::nb_foos() == 4);
// `automatic_foo' and `bla_foo' are destructed here