Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull ARM updates from Russell King:

 - add arch/arm/Kbuild from Masahiro Yamada.

 - simplify act_mm macro, since it contains an open-coded

 - VFP updates for Clang from Stefan Agner.

 - Fix unwinder for Clang from Nathan Huckleberry.

 - Remove unused it8152 PCI host controller, used by the removed cm-x2xx
   platforms from Mike Rapoport.

 - Further explanation of __range_ok().

 - Remove kimage_voffset that isn't used anymore from Marc Zyngier.

 - Drop ancient Thumb-2 workaround for old binutils from Ard Biesheuvel.

 - Documentation cleanup for mach-* from Pete Zaitcev.

* tag 'for-linus' of git://
  ARM: 8996/1: Documentation/Clean up the description of mach-<class>
  ARM: 8995/1: drop Thumb-2 workaround for ancient binutils
  ARM: 8994/1: mm: drop kimage_voffset which was only used by KVM
  ARM: uaccess: add further explanation of __range_ok()
  ARM: 8993/1: remove it8152 PCI controller driver
  ARM: 8992/1: Fix unwind_frame for clang-built kernels
  ARM: 8991/1: use VFP assembler mnemonics if available
  ARM: 8990/1: use VFP assembler mnemonics in register load/store macros
  ARM: 8989/1: use .fpu assembler directives instead of assembler arguments
  ARM: 8982/1: mm: Simplify act_mm macro
  ARM: 8981/1: add arch/arm/Kbuild