Merge tag 'for-linus-hmm' of git://

Pull hmm updates from Jason Gunthorpe:
 "Ralph has been working on nouveau's use of hmm_range_fault() and
  migrate_vma() which resulted in this small series. It adds reporting
  of the page table order from hmm_range_fault() and some optimization
  of migrate_vma():

   - Report the size of the page table mapping out of hmm_range_fault().

     This makes it easier to establish a large/huge/etc mapping in the
     device's page table.

   - Allow devices to ignore the invalidations during migration in cases
     where the migration is not going to change pages.

     For instance migrating pages to a device does not require the
     device to invalidate pages already in the device.

   - Update nouveau and hmm_tests to use the above"

* tag 'for-linus-hmm' of git://
  mm/hmm/test: use the new migration invalidation
  nouveau/svm: use the new migration invalidation
  mm/notifier: add migration invalidation type
  mm/migrate: add a flags parameter to migrate_vma
  nouveau: fix storing invalid ptes
  nouveau/hmm: support mapping large sysmem pages
  nouveau: fix mapping 2MB sysmem pages
  nouveau/hmm: fault one page at a time
  mm/hmm: add tests for hmm_pfn_to_map_order()
  mm/hmm: provide the page mapping order in hmm_range_fault()