LTSI-v4.14 Backports of MSIOF and SDHI Fixes

* v4.14.61
* Backports of components for Renesas SoCs to v4.18
* First and second round of backports of I2C R-Car Fixes,
  tagged as backport/v4.14.61/snapshot-to-v4.18+fixes-v2

Backport of fixes for sh-msiof and sdhi drivers to resolve problems
uncovered during testing of earlier backports.
Merge tags 'backport/v4.14.40/sh-msiof-selected-to-v4.19-rc4' and 'backport/v4.14.40/renesas-sdhi-selected-to-v4.19-rc5' into backport/v4.14.61/snapshot