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Pull ARM SoC fixes from Arnd Bergmann:
 "Since we didn't get around to collect fixes in time for -rc2 over the
  easter vacation, this one is unfortunately a bit larger than we'd like
  for an -rc3 merge.

  A large set of the changes is in the device tree sources, so I'm
  splitting out the description between code changes and DT changes.
  Aside from omap and versatile express, the actual code bugs are and
  trivial.  Here is an overview:

   - fix video clock settings
   - fix one clock refcounting bug

   - update defconfig for renamed USB PHY driver
   - fix error handling in gpmc
   - fix N900 video initialization regression
   - fix reression in hwmod code from missing braces
   - fix am43xx and omap3 clocks
   - remove bogus write to voltage control register

   - fix build regression from 3.13 header cleanup

   - fix a misleading printk string

   - fix incorrect sound setting on multiple machines

   - remove incorrect __init section annotation

   - remove a stale Kconfig entry

   - update defconfig

   - enable common wireless and sensor drivers in defconfig
   - more defconfig updates

   - fix voltage calculation for opp
   - fix reboot hang and warning
   - fix out-of-bounds array access
   - improve error handling in clock driver

   - always select CLKSRC_OF in multiplatform builds

  And these are the devicetree related changes:

   - add missing #clock-cell properties
   - fix pinctrl setting in imx6sl-evk
   - fix video endpoint on imx53
   - remove obsolete lvds-channel nodes (multiple patches)
   - add missing second stmpe node
   - fix usb host mode on dmo-edmqmx6 (multiple patches)
   - fix gic node #address-cells to match usage
   - add missing legacy IRQ map for PCIe
   - fix microsom pincontrol setting for rgmii
   - fix fatal typo in touchscreen DT usage for mx5
   - list all RAM present on m53evk and mx53qsb

   - fix bug in DT handling of gpmc external bus
   - add DT for older revision of beagleboard
   - fix regression after DT node name fixes
   - remove obsolete properties for gpmc
   - fix pinmux comment to match DT it refers to
   - fix newly added dra7xx clock node data
   - add missing clock for USB PHY

   - add missing clock for mdio node
   - fix nonstandard vendor prefixes on i2c nodes

   - fix pin control setting for uart

   - fix typo in DT data for pin control (multiple patches)
   - fix gic node #address-cells to match usage

   - fix clock and uart DT representation to match hardware

   - add DT nodes for newly added driver
   - add DT properties required for cpufreq-ondemand

   - restore alphabetic order in Makefile
   - grammar fixes in bindings"

* tag 'fixes-3.15-rc3' of git:// (66 commits)
  ARM: vexpress/TC2: Convert OPP voltage to uV before storing
  power/reset: vexpress: Fix restart/power off operation
  dt: tegra: remove non-existent clock IDs
  clk: tegra: remove non-existent clocks
  ARM: tegra: remove UART5/UARTE from tegra124.dtsi
  ARM: Tidy up DTB Makefile entries
  ARM: fix missing CLKSRC_OF on multi-platform
  ARM: spear: add __init to spear_clocksource_init()
  ARM: pxa: hx4700.h: include "irqs.h" for PXA_NR_BUILTIN_GPIO
  arm/mach-vexpress: array accessed out of bounds
  clk: vexpress: NULL dereference on error path
  ARM: OMAP2+: Fix GPMC remap for devices using an offset
  ARM: zynq: dt: Add I2C nodes to Zynq device tree
  ARM: zynq: DT: Add 'clock-latency' property
  ARM: OMAP2+: Fix oops for GPMC free
  ARM: dts: Add support for the BeagleBoard xM A/B
  ARM: dts: Grammar /that will/it will/
  ARM: dts: Grammar /is uses/ is used/
  ARM: OMAP2+: Fix config name for USB3 PHY