Merge tag 'locks-v3.15-2' of git://

Pull file locking fixes from Jeff Layton:
 "File locking related bugfixes for v3.15 (pile #2)

   - fix for a long-standing bug in __break_lease that can cause soft
   - renaming of file-private locks to "open file description" locks,
     and the command macros to more visually distinct names

  The fix for __break_lease is also in the pile of patches for which
  Bruce sent a pull request, but I assume that your merge procedure will
  handle that correctly.

  For the other patches, I don't like the fact that we need to rename
  this stuff at this late stage, but it should be settled now

* tag 'locks-v3.15-2' of git://
  locks: rename FL_FILE_PVT and IS_FILE_PVT to use "*_OFDLCK" instead
  locks: rename file-private locks to "open file description locks"
  locks: allow __break_lease to sleep even when break_time is 0