Merge tag 'usb-3.15-rc3' of git://

Pull USB fixes from Greg KH:
 "Here are a number of USB fixes for 3.15-rc3.  The majority are gadget
  fixes, as we didn't get any of those in for 3.15-rc2.  The others are
  all over the place, and there's a number of new device id addtions as

* tag 'usb-3.15-rc3' of git:// (35 commits)
  usb: option: add and update a number of CMOTech devices
  usb: option: add Alcatel L800MA
  usb: option: add Olivetti Olicard 500
  usb: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless MC7305/MC7355
  usb: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless MC73xx
  usb: qcserial: add Sierra Wireless EM7355
  USB: io_ti: fix firmware download on big-endian machines
  usb/xhci: fix compilation warning when !CONFIG_PCI && !CONFIG_PM
  xhci: extend quirk for Renesas cards
  xhci: Switch Intel Lynx Point ports to EHCI on shutdown.
  usb: xhci: Prefer endpoint context dequeue pointer over stopped_trb
  phy: core: make NULL a valid phy reference if !CONFIG_GENERIC_PHY
  phy: fix kernel oops in phy_lookup()
  phy: restore OMAP_CONTROL_PHY dependencies
  phy: exynos: fix building as a module
  USB: serial: fix sysfs-attribute removal deadlock
  usb: wusbcore: fix panic in wusbhc_chid_set
  usb: wusbcore: convert nested lock to use spin_lock instead of spin_lock_irq
  uwb: don't call spin_unlock_irq in a USB completion handler
  usb: chipidea: coordinate usb phy initialization for different phy type