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* 'master' of git:// (32 commits)
  [POWERPC] Remove build warnings in windfarm_core
  [POWERPC] Pass per-file CFLAGs for platform specific op codes
  [POWERPC] Correct #endif comment
  [POWERPC] Fix ppc_rtas_progress_show()
  [POWERPC] Fix sed command lines for zlib source construction
  [POWERPC] Specify GNUTARGET on $(AR) invocations
  [POWERPC] Make sure device node type/name is not NULL on hot-added nodes
  [POWERPC] Small fixes for the Ebony device tree
  [POWERPC] Fix warning on UP
  [POWERPC] cell_defconfig: Disable cpufreq and pmi
  [POWERPC] Fix IO space on PCI buses created from of_platform
  [POWERPC] Add spinlock to request_phb_iospace()
  [POWERPC] Fix make rules for treeImage.initrd
  [POWERPC] Remove warning in mpic.c
  [POWERPC] Update pasemi_defconfig
  [POWERPC] pasemi: CONFIG_GENERIC_TBSYNC no longer needed
  [POWERPC] Update iseries_defconfig
  [POWERPC] Wire up some more syscalls
  [POWERPC] Fix bug adding properties with flatdevtree.c's ft_set_prop()
  [POWERPC] Remove fixup_bigphys_addr() for arch/powerpc to avoid link error