Revert "[PATCH] x86: Drop cc-options call for all options supported in gcc 3.2+"

This reverts commit c8fdd247255a3a027cd9f66dcf93e6847d1d2f85.

It turns out the kernel was correct, and the gcc complaint was a gcc
bug.  The preferred stack boundary is expressed not in bytes, but in the
the log2() of the preferred boundary, so "-mpreferred-stack-boundary=2"
is in fact exactly what we want, but a gcc that is compiled for x86-64
will consider it an error (because the 64-bit calling sequence says that
the stack should be 16-byte aligned) even if we are then using "-m32" to
generate 32-bit code.

Noted-by: Mikulas Patocka <>
Cc: Jan Hubicka <>
Acked-by: Andi Kleen <>
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
2 files changed