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# parisc/Makefile
# This file is included by the global makefile so that you can add your own
# architecture-specific flags and dependencies. Remember to do have actions
# for "archclean" and "archdep" for cleaning up and making dependencies for
# this architecture
# This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
# License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
# for more details.
# Copyright (C) 1994 by Linus Torvalds
# Portions Copyright (C) 1999 The Puffin Group
# Modified for PA-RISC Linux by Paul Lahaie, Alex deVries,
# Mike Shaver, Helge Deller and Martin K. Petersen
KBUILD_DEFCONFIG := default_defconfig
NM = sh $(srctree)/arch/parisc/nm
CHECKFLAGS += -D__hppa__=1
MACHINE := $(shell uname -m)
ifeq ($(MACHINE),parisc*)
ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
UTS_MACHINE := parisc64
CHECKFLAGS += -D__LP64__=1 -m64
WIDTH := 64
CROSS_COMPILE := hppa64-linux-gnu-
else # 32-bit
# attempt to help out folks who are cross-compiling
ifeq ($(NATIVE),1)
CROSS_COMPILE := hppa$(WIDTH)-linux-
OBJCOPY_FLAGS =-O binary -R .note -R .comment -S
cflags-y := -pipe
# These flags should be implied by an hppa-linux configuration, but they
# are not in gcc 3.2.
cflags-y += -mno-space-regs -mfast-indirect-calls
# Currently we save and restore fpregs on all kernel entry/interruption paths.
# If that gets optimized, we might need to disable the use of fpregs in the
# kernel.
cflags-y += -mdisable-fpregs
# Without this, "ld -r" results in .text sections that are too big
# (> 0x40000) for branches to reach stubs.
cflags-y += -ffunction-sections
# select which processor to optimise for
cflags-$(CONFIG_PA7100) += -march=1.1 -mschedule=7100
cflags-$(CONFIG_PA7200) += -march=1.1 -mschedule=7200
cflags-$(CONFIG_PA7100LC) += -march=1.1 -mschedule=7100LC
cflags-$(CONFIG_PA7300LC) += -march=1.1 -mschedule=7300
cflags-$(CONFIG_PA8X00) += -march=2.0 -mschedule=8000
head-y := arch/parisc/kernel/head.o
KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(cflags-y)
kernel-y := mm/ kernel/ math-emu/ kernel/init_task.o
kernel-$(CONFIG_HPUX) += hpux/
core-y += $(addprefix arch/parisc/, $(kernel-y))
libs-y += arch/parisc/lib/ `$(CC) -print-libgcc-file-name`
drivers-$(CONFIG_OPROFILE) += arch/parisc/oprofile/
PALO := $(shell if (which palo 2>&1); then : ; \
elif [ -x /sbin/palo ]; then echo /sbin/palo; \
PALOCONF := $(shell if [ -f $(src)/palo.conf ]; then echo $(src)/palo.conf; \
else echo $(obj)/palo.conf; \
palo: vmlinux
@if test ! -x "$(PALO)"; then \
echo 'ERROR: Please install palo first (apt-get install palo)';\
echo 'or build it from source and install it somewhere in your $$PATH';\
false; \
@if test ! -f "$(PALOCONF)"; then \
cp $(src)/arch/parisc/defpalo.conf $(obj)/palo.conf; \
echo 'A generic palo config file ($(obj)/palo.conf) has been created for you.'; \
echo 'You should check it and re-run "make palo".'; \
echo 'WARNING: the "lifimage" file is now placed in this directory by default!'; \
false; \
# Shorthands for known targets not supported by parisc, use vmlinux as default
Image zImage bzImage: vmlinux
kernel_install: vmlinux
sh $(src)/arch/parisc/ \
install: kernel_install modules_install
CLEAN_FILES += lifimage
MRPROPER_FILES += palo.conf
define archhelp
@echo '* vmlinux - Uncompressed kernel image (./vmlinux)'
@echo ' palo - Bootable image (./lifimage)'
@echo ' install - Install kernel using'
@echo ' (your) ~/bin/$(INSTALLKERNEL) or'
@echo ' (distribution) /sbin/$(INSTALLKERNEL) or'
@echo ' copy to $$(INSTALL_PATH)'
# we require gcc 3.3 or above to compile the kernel
archprepare: checkbin
@if test "$(call cc-version)" -lt "0303"; then \
echo -n "Sorry, GCC v3.3 or above is required to build " ; \
echo "the kernel." ; \
false ; \