orangefs: a fix and two cleanups and a merge conflict

Fix: Christoph Hellwig noticed that some logic I added to
     orangefs_file_read_iter introduced a race condition, so he
     sent a reversion patch. I had to modify his patch since
     reverting at this point broke Orangefs.

Cleanup 1: Christoph Hellwig noticed that we were doing some unnecessary
           work in orangefs_flush, so he sent in a patch that removed
           the un-needed code.

Cleanup 2: Al Viro told me he had trouble building Orangefs. Orangefs
           should be easy to build, even for Al :-). I looked back
           at the test server build notes in orangefs.txt, just in case
           that's where the trouble really is, and found a couple of
           typos and made a couple of clarifications.

Merge Conflict: Stephen Rothwell reported that my modifications to
                orangefs.txt caused a merge conflict with orangefs.rst
                in Linux Next. I wasn't sure what to do, so I asked,
                and Jonathan Corbet said not to worry about it and
                just to report it to Linus.
orangefs: clarify build steps for test server in orangefs.txt

Signed-off-by: Mike Marshall <>
1 file changed