Merge branch 'x86-pti-for-linus' of git://

Pull STIBP fallout fixes from Thomas Gleixner:
 "The performance destruction department finally got it's act together
  and came up with a cure for the STIPB regression:

   - Provide a command line option to control the spectre v2 user space
     mitigations. Default is either seccomp or prctl (if seccomp is
     disabled in Kconfig). prctl allows mitigation opt-in, seccomp
     enables the migitation for sandboxed processes.

   - Rework the code to handle the conditional STIBP/IBPB control and
     remove the now unused ptrace_may_access_sched() optimization

   - Disable STIBP automatically when SMT is disabled

   - Optimize the switch_to() logic to avoid MSR writes and invocations
     of __switch_to_xtra().

   - Make the asynchronous speculation TIF updates synchronous to
     prevent stale mitigation state.

  As a general cleanup this also makes retpoline directly depend on
  compiler support and removes the 'minimal retpoline' option which just
  pretended to provide some form of security while providing none"

* 'x86-pti-for-linus' of git:// (31 commits)
  x86/speculation: Provide IBPB always command line options
  x86/speculation: Add seccomp Spectre v2 user space protection mode
  x86/speculation: Enable prctl mode for spectre_v2_user
  x86/speculation: Add prctl() control for indirect branch speculation
  x86/speculation: Prepare arch_smt_update() for PRCTL mode
  x86/speculation: Prevent stale SPEC_CTRL msr content
  x86/speculation: Split out TIF update
  ptrace: Remove unused ptrace_may_access_sched() and MODE_IBRS
  x86/speculation: Prepare for conditional IBPB in switch_mm()
  x86/speculation: Avoid __switch_to_xtra() calls
  x86/process: Consolidate and simplify switch_to_xtra() code
  x86/speculation: Prepare for per task indirect branch speculation control
  x86/speculation: Add command line control for indirect branch speculation
  x86/speculation: Unify conditional spectre v2 print functions
  x86/speculataion: Mark command line parser data __initdata
  x86/speculation: Mark string arrays const correctly
  x86/speculation: Reorder the spec_v2 code
  x86/l1tf: Show actual SMT state
  x86/speculation: Rework SMT state change
  sched/smt: Expose sched_smt_present static key