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#ifndef _SERIO_H
#define _SERIO_H
* Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Vojtech Pavlik
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by
* the Free Software Foundation.
#include <linux/ioctl.h>
#define SPIOCSTYPE _IOW('q', 0x01, unsigned long)
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/mod_devicetable.h>
struct serio {
void *port_data;
char name[32];
char phys[32];
unsigned int manual_bind;
struct serio_device_id id;
spinlock_t lock; /* protects critical sections from port's interrupt handler */
int (*write)(struct serio *, unsigned char);
int (*open)(struct serio *);
void (*close)(struct serio *);
int (*start)(struct serio *);
void (*stop)(struct serio *);
struct serio *parent, *child;
unsigned int depth; /* level of nesting in serio hierarchy */
struct serio_driver *drv; /* accessed from interrupt, must be protected by serio->lock and serio->sem */
struct mutex drv_mutex; /* protects serio->drv so attributes can pin driver */
struct device dev;
unsigned int registered; /* port has been fully registered with driver core */
struct list_head node;
#define to_serio_port(d) container_of(d, struct serio, dev)
struct serio_driver {
void *private;
char *description;
struct serio_device_id *id_table;
unsigned int manual_bind;
void (*write_wakeup)(struct serio *);
irqreturn_t (*interrupt)(struct serio *, unsigned char, unsigned int);
int (*connect)(struct serio *, struct serio_driver *drv);
int (*reconnect)(struct serio *);
void (*disconnect)(struct serio *);
void (*cleanup)(struct serio *);
struct device_driver driver;
#define to_serio_driver(d) container_of(d, struct serio_driver, driver)
int serio_open(struct serio *serio, struct serio_driver *drv);
void serio_close(struct serio *serio);
void serio_rescan(struct serio *serio);
void serio_reconnect(struct serio *serio);
irqreturn_t serio_interrupt(struct serio *serio, unsigned char data, unsigned int flags);
void __serio_register_port(struct serio *serio, struct module *owner);
static inline void serio_register_port(struct serio *serio)
__serio_register_port(serio, THIS_MODULE);
void serio_unregister_port(struct serio *serio);
void serio_unregister_child_port(struct serio *serio);
int __serio_register_driver(struct serio_driver *drv, struct module *owner, const char *mod_name);
static inline int __must_check serio_register_driver(struct serio_driver *drv)
return __serio_register_driver(drv, THIS_MODULE, KBUILD_MODNAME);
void serio_unregister_driver(struct serio_driver *drv);
static inline int serio_write(struct serio *serio, unsigned char data)
if (serio->write)
return serio->write(serio, data);
return -1;
static inline void serio_drv_write_wakeup(struct serio *serio)
if (serio->drv && serio->drv->write_wakeup)
* Use the following functions to manipulate serio's per-port
* driver-specific data.
static inline void *serio_get_drvdata(struct serio *serio)
return dev_get_drvdata(&serio->dev);
static inline void serio_set_drvdata(struct serio *serio, void *data)
dev_set_drvdata(&serio->dev, data);
* Use the following functions to protect critical sections in
* driver code from port's interrupt handler
static inline void serio_pause_rx(struct serio *serio)
static inline void serio_continue_rx(struct serio *serio)
* Use the following functions to pin serio's driver in process context
static inline int serio_pin_driver(struct serio *serio)
return mutex_lock_interruptible(&serio->drv_mutex);
static inline void serio_pin_driver_uninterruptible(struct serio *serio)
static inline void serio_unpin_driver(struct serio *serio)
* bit masks for use in "interrupt" flags (3rd argument)
#define SERIO_PARITY 2
#define SERIO_FRAME 4
* Serio types
#define SERIO_XT 0x00
#define SERIO_8042 0x01
#define SERIO_RS232 0x02
#define SERIO_HIL_MLC 0x03
#define SERIO_PS_PSTHRU 0x05
#define SERIO_8042_XL 0x06
* Serio protocols
#define SERIO_UNKNOWN 0x00
#define SERIO_MSC 0x01
#define SERIO_SUN 0x02
#define SERIO_MS 0x03
#define SERIO_MP 0x04
#define SERIO_MZ 0x05
#define SERIO_MZP 0x06
#define SERIO_MZPP 0x07
#define SERIO_VSXXXAA 0x08
#define SERIO_SUNKBD 0x10
#define SERIO_WARRIOR 0x18
#define SERIO_SPACEORB 0x19
#define SERIO_MAGELLAN 0x1a
#define SERIO_SPACEBALL 0x1b
#define SERIO_GUNZE 0x1c
#define SERIO_IFORCE 0x1d
#define SERIO_STINGER 0x1e
#define SERIO_NEWTON 0x1f
#define SERIO_STOWAWAY 0x20
#define SERIO_H3600 0x21
#define SERIO_PS2SER 0x22
#define SERIO_TWIDKBD 0x23
#define SERIO_TWIDJOY 0x24
#define SERIO_HIL 0x25
#define SERIO_SNES232 0x26
#define SERIO_SEMTECH 0x27
#define SERIO_LKKBD 0x28
#define SERIO_ELO 0x29
#define SERIO_PENMOUNT 0x31
#define SERIO_TOUCHWIN 0x33
#define SERIO_TAOSEVM 0x34
#define SERIO_FUJITSU 0x35
#define SERIO_ZHENHUA 0x36
#define SERIO_INEXIO 0x37
#define SERIO_TOUCHIT213 0x38
#define SERIO_W8001 0x39