Merge tag 'omap-for-v4.20/fixes-rc4' of git:// into fixes

Few minor fixes for omaps for v4.20-rc cycle

This set of fixes contains minor regression fixes for LogicPD dts files
for MMC pinctrl and interrupts. There is also one section annotation fix
that shows up with Clang, and a fix for an unitialized field for omap1.

* tag 'omap-for-v4.20/fixes-rc4' of git://
  ARM: OMAP1: ams-delta: Fix possible use of uninitialized field
  ARM: dts: am3517-som: Fix WL127x Wifi interrupt
  ARM: dts: logicpd-somlv: Fix interrupt on mmc3_dat1
  ARM: dts: LogicPD Torpedo: Fix mmc3_dat1 interrupt
  ARM: dts: am3517: Fix pinmuxing for CD on MMC1
  ARM: OMAP2+: prm44xx: Fix section annotation on omap44xx_prm_enable_io_wakeup

Signed-off-by: Olof Johansson <>