Merge git://

* git:// (82 commits)
  [NET]: Make sure sockets implement splice_read
  netconsole: avoid null pointer dereference at show_local_mac()
  [IPV6]: Fix reversed local_df test in ip6_fragment
  [XFRM]: Avoid bogus BUG() when throwing new policy away.
  [AF_KEY]: Fix bug in spdadd
  [NETFILTER] nf_conntrack_proto_tcp.c: Mistyped state corrected.
  net: xfrm statistics depend on INET
  [NETFILTER]: make secmark_tg_destroy() static
  [INET]: Unexport inet_listen_wlock
  [INET]: Unexport __inet_hash_connect
  [NET]: Improve cache line coherency of ingress qdisc
  [NET]: Fix race in dev_close(). (Bug 9750)
  [IPSEC]: Fix bogus usage of u64 on input sequence number
  [RTNETLINK]: Send a single notification on device state changes.
  [NETLABLE]: Hide netlbl_unlabel_audit_addr6 under ifdef CONFIG_IPV6.
  [NETLABEL]: Don't produce unused variables when IPv6 is off.
  [NETLABEL]: Compilation for CONFIG_AUDIT=n case.
  [GENETLINK]: Relax dances with genl_lock.
  [NETLABEL]: Fix lookup logic of netlbl_domhsh_search_def.
  [IPV6]: remove unused method declaration (net/ndisc.h).