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/* $Id: irq.h,v 1.21 2002/01/23 11:27:36 davem Exp $
* irq.h: IRQ registers on the 64-bit Sparc.
* Copyright (C) 1996 David S. Miller (
* Copyright (C) 1998 Jakub Jelinek (
#ifndef _SPARC64_IRQ_H
#define _SPARC64_IRQ_H
#include <linux/config.h>
#include <linux/linkage.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <asm/pil.h>
#include <asm/ptrace.h>
struct ino_bucket;
struct irq_desc {
void (*pre_handler)(struct ino_bucket *, void *, void *);
void *pre_handler_arg1;
void *pre_handler_arg2;
u32 action_active_mask;
struct irqaction action[MAX_IRQ_DESC_ACTION];
/* You should not mess with this directly. That's the job of irq.c.
* If you make changes here, please update hand coded assembler of
* the vectored interrupt trap handler in entry.S -DaveM
* This is currently one DCACHE line, two buckets per L2 cache
* line. Keep this in mind please.
struct ino_bucket {
/* Next handler in per-CPU PIL worklist. We know that
* bucket pointers have the high 32-bits clear, so to
* save space we only store the bits we need.
/*0x00*/unsigned int irq_chain;
/* PIL to schedule this IVEC at. */
/*0x04*/unsigned char pil;
/* If an IVEC arrives while irq_info is NULL, we
* set this to notify request_irq() about the event.
/*0x05*/unsigned char pending;
/* Miscellaneous flags. */
/*0x06*/unsigned char flags;
/* Currently unused. */
/*0x07*/unsigned char __pad;
/* Reference to IRQ descriptor for this bucket. */
/*0x08*/struct irq_desc *irq_info;
/* Sun5 Interrupt Clear Register. */
/*0x10*/unsigned long iclr;
/* Sun5 Interrupt Mapping Register. */
/*0x18*/unsigned long imap;
/* IMAP/ICLR register defines */
#define IMAP_VALID 0x80000000 /* IRQ Enabled */
#define IMAP_TID_UPA 0x7c000000 /* UPA TargetID */
#define IMAP_TID_JBUS 0x7c000000 /* JBUS TargetID */
#define IMAP_AID_SAFARI 0x7c000000 /* Safari AgentID */
#define IMAP_NID_SAFARI 0x03e00000 /* Safari NodeID */
#define IMAP_IGN 0x000007c0 /* IRQ Group Number */
#define IMAP_INO 0x0000003f /* IRQ Number */
#define IMAP_INR 0x000007ff /* Full interrupt number*/
#define ICLR_IDLE 0x00000000 /* Idle state */
#define ICLR_TRANSMIT 0x00000001 /* Transmit state */
#define ICLR_PENDING 0x00000003 /* Pending state */
/* Only 8-bits are available, be careful. -DaveM */
#define IBF_PCI 0x02 /* PSYCHO/SABRE/SCHIZO PCI interrupt. */
#define IBF_ACTIVE 0x04 /* Interrupt is active and has a handler.*/
#define IBF_INPROGRESS 0x10 /* IRQ is being serviced. */
#define NUM_IVECS (IMAP_INR + 1)
extern struct ino_bucket ivector_table[NUM_IVECS];
#define __irq_ino(irq) \
(((struct ino_bucket *)(unsigned long)(irq)) - &ivector_table[0])
#define __irq_pil(irq) ((struct ino_bucket *)(unsigned long)(irq))->pil
#define __bucket(irq) ((struct ino_bucket *)(unsigned long)(irq))
#define __irq(bucket) ((unsigned int)(unsigned long)(bucket))
static __inline__ char *__irq_itoa(unsigned int irq)
static char buff[16];
sprintf(buff, "%d,%x", __irq_pil(irq), (unsigned int)__irq_ino(irq));
return buff;
#define NR_IRQS 16
#define irq_canonicalize(irq) (irq)
extern void disable_irq(unsigned int);
#define disable_irq_nosync disable_irq
extern void enable_irq(unsigned int);
extern unsigned int build_irq(int pil, int inofixup, unsigned long iclr, unsigned long imap);
extern unsigned int sbus_build_irq(void *sbus, unsigned int ino);
static __inline__ void set_softint(unsigned long bits)
__asm__ __volatile__("wr %0, 0x0, %%set_softint"
: /* No outputs */
: "r" (bits));
static __inline__ void clear_softint(unsigned long bits)
__asm__ __volatile__("wr %0, 0x0, %%clear_softint"
: /* No outputs */
: "r" (bits));
static __inline__ unsigned long get_softint(void)
unsigned long retval;
__asm__ __volatile__("rd %%softint, %0"
: "=r" (retval));
return retval;
struct irqaction;
struct pt_regs;
int handle_IRQ_event(unsigned int, struct pt_regs *, struct irqaction *);