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* Copyright 1997 Transmeta Corporation - All Rights Reserved
* This file is part of the Linux kernel and is made available under
* the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2, or at your
* option, any later version, incorporated herein by reference.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#include <linux/types.h>
#ifndef __KERNEL__
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
/* This file describes autofs v3 */
/* Range of protocol versions defined */
* The wait_queue_token (autofs_wqt_t) is part of a structure which is passed
* back to the kernel via ioctl from userspace. On architectures where 32- and
* 64-bit userspace binaries can be executed it's important that the size of
* autofs_wqt_t stays constant between 32- and 64-bit Linux kernels so that we
* do not break the binary ABI interface by changing the structure size.
#if defined(__ia64__) || defined(__alpha__) /* pure 64bit architectures */
typedef unsigned long autofs_wqt_t;
typedef unsigned int autofs_wqt_t;
/* Packet types */
#define autofs_ptype_missing 0 /* Missing entry (mount request) */
#define autofs_ptype_expire 1 /* Expire entry (umount request) */
struct autofs_packet_hdr {
int proto_version; /* Protocol version */
int type; /* Type of packet */
struct autofs_packet_missing {
struct autofs_packet_hdr hdr;
autofs_wqt_t wait_queue_token;
int len;
char name[NAME_MAX+1];
/* v3 expire (via ioctl) */
struct autofs_packet_expire {
struct autofs_packet_hdr hdr;
int len;
char name[NAME_MAX+1];
#define AUTOFS_IOC_READY _IO(0x93, 0x60)
#define AUTOFS_IOC_FAIL _IO(0x93, 0x61)
#define AUTOFS_IOC_CATATONIC _IO(0x93, 0x62)
#define AUTOFS_IOC_PROTOVER _IOR(0x93, 0x63, int)
#define AUTOFS_IOC_SETTIMEOUT32 _IOWR(0x93, 0x64, compat_ulong_t)
#define AUTOFS_IOC_SETTIMEOUT _IOWR(0x93, 0x64, unsigned long)
#define AUTOFS_IOC_EXPIRE _IOR(0x93, 0x65, struct autofs_packet_expire)
#endif /* _UAPI_LINUX_AUTO_FS_H */