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#ifndef _LINUX_VHOST_H
#define _LINUX_VHOST_H
/* Userspace interface for in-kernel virtio accelerators. */
/* vhost is used to reduce the number of system calls involved in virtio.
* Existing virtio net code is used in the guest without modification.
* This header includes interface used by userspace hypervisor for
* device configuration.
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/compiler.h>
#include <linux/ioctl.h>
#include <linux/virtio_config.h>
#include <linux/virtio_ring.h>
struct vhost_vring_state {
unsigned int index;
unsigned int num;
struct vhost_vring_file {
unsigned int index;
int fd; /* Pass -1 to unbind from file. */
struct vhost_vring_addr {
unsigned int index;
/* Option flags. */
unsigned int flags;
/* Flag values: */
/* Whether log address is valid. If set enables logging. */
/* Start of array of descriptors (virtually contiguous) */
__u64 desc_user_addr;
/* Used structure address. Must be 32 bit aligned */
__u64 used_user_addr;
/* Available structure address. Must be 16 bit aligned */
__u64 avail_user_addr;
/* Logging support. */
/* Log writes to used structure, at offset calculated from specified
* address. Address must be 32 bit aligned. */
__u64 log_guest_addr;
struct vhost_memory_region {
__u64 guest_phys_addr;
__u64 memory_size; /* bytes */
__u64 userspace_addr;
__u64 flags_padding; /* No flags are currently specified. */
/* All region addresses and sizes must be 4K aligned. */
#define VHOST_PAGE_SIZE 0x1000
struct vhost_memory {
__u32 nregions;
__u32 padding;
struct vhost_memory_region regions[0];
/* ioctls */
/* Features bitmask for forward compatibility. Transport bits are used for
* vhost specific features. */
/* Set current process as the (exclusive) owner of this file descriptor. This
* must be called before any other vhost command. Further calls to
* VHOST_OWNER_SET fail until VHOST_OWNER_RESET is called. */
/* Give up ownership, and reset the device to default values.
* Allows subsequent call to VHOST_OWNER_SET to succeed. */
/* Set up/modify memory layout */
#define VHOST_SET_MEM_TABLE _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x03, struct vhost_memory)
/* Write logging setup. */
/* Memory writes can optionally be logged by setting bit at an offset
* (calculated from the physical address) from specified log base.
* The bit is set using an atomic 32 bit operation. */
/* Set base address for logging. */
#define VHOST_SET_LOG_BASE _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x04, __u64)
/* Specify an eventfd file descriptor to signal on log write. */
#define VHOST_SET_LOG_FD _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x07, int)
/* Ring setup. */
/* Set number of descriptors in ring. This parameter can not
* be modified while ring is running (bound to a device). */
#define VHOST_SET_VRING_NUM _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x10, struct vhost_vring_state)
/* Set addresses for the ring. */
#define VHOST_SET_VRING_ADDR _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x11, struct vhost_vring_addr)
/* Base value where queue looks for available descriptors */
#define VHOST_SET_VRING_BASE _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x12, struct vhost_vring_state)
/* Get accessor: reads index, writes value in num */
#define VHOST_GET_VRING_BASE _IOWR(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x12, struct vhost_vring_state)
/* Set the vring byte order in num. Valid values are VHOST_VRING_LITTLE_ENDIAN
* or VHOST_VRING_BIG_ENDIAN (other values return -EINVAL).
* The byte order cannot be changed while the device is active: trying to do so
* returns -EBUSY.
* This is a legacy only API that is simply ignored when VIRTIO_F_VERSION_1 is
* set.
* Not all kernel configurations support this ioctl, but all configurations that
* support SET also support GET.
#define VHOST_SET_VRING_ENDIAN _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x13, struct vhost_vring_state)
#define VHOST_GET_VRING_ENDIAN _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x14, struct vhost_vring_state)
/* The following ioctls use eventfd file descriptors to signal and poll
* for events. */
/* Set eventfd to poll for added buffers */
#define VHOST_SET_VRING_KICK _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x20, struct vhost_vring_file)
/* Set eventfd to signal when buffers have beed used */
#define VHOST_SET_VRING_CALL _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x21, struct vhost_vring_file)
/* Set eventfd to signal an error */
#define VHOST_SET_VRING_ERR _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x22, struct vhost_vring_file)
/* Set busy loop timeout (in us) */
struct vhost_vring_state)
/* Get busy loop timeout (in us) */
struct vhost_vring_state)
/* VHOST_NET specific defines */
/* Attach virtio net ring to a raw socket, or tap device.
* The socket must be already bound to an ethernet device, this device will be
* used for transmit. Pass fd -1 to unbind from the socket and the transmit
* device. This can be used to stop the ring (e.g. for migration). */
#define VHOST_NET_SET_BACKEND _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x30, struct vhost_vring_file)
/* Feature bits */
/* Log all write descriptors. Can be changed while device is active. */
#define VHOST_F_LOG_ALL 26
/* vhost-net should add virtio_net_hdr for RX, and strip for TX packets. */
/* VHOST_SCSI specific definitions */
* Used by QEMU userspace to ensure a consistent vhost-scsi ABI.
* ABI Rev 0: July 2012 version starting point for v3.6-rc merge candidate +
* RFC-v2 vhost-scsi userspace. Add GET_ABI_VERSION ioctl usage
* ABI Rev 1: January 2013. Ignore vhost_tpgt filed in struct vhost_scsi_target.
* All the targets under vhost_wwpn can be seen and used by guset.
struct vhost_scsi_target {
int abi_version;
char vhost_wwpn[224]; /* TRANSPORT_IQN_LEN */
unsigned short vhost_tpgt;
unsigned short reserved;
#define VHOST_SCSI_SET_ENDPOINT _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x40, struct vhost_scsi_target)
#define VHOST_SCSI_CLEAR_ENDPOINT _IOW(VHOST_VIRTIO, 0x41, struct vhost_scsi_target)
/* Changing this breaks userspace. */
/* Set and get the events missed flag */