afs: Fix afs_getattr() to refetch file status if callback break occurred

If a callback break occurs (change notification), afs_getattr() needs to
issue an FS.FetchStatus RPC operation to update the status of the file
being examined by the stat-family of system calls.

Fix afs_getattr() to do this if AFS_VNODE_CB_PROMISED has been cleared
on a vnode by a callback break.  Skip this if AT_STATX_DONT_SYNC is set.

This can be tested by appending to a file on one AFS client and then
using "stat -L" to examine its length on a machine running kafs.  This
can also be watched through tracing on the kafs machine.  The callback
break is seen:

     kworker/1:1-46      [001] .....   978.910812: afs_cb_call: c=0000005f YFSCB.CallBack
     kworker/1:1-46      [001] ...1.   978.910829: afs_cb_break: 100058:23b4c:242d2c2 b=2 s=1 break-cb
     kworker/1:1-46      [001] .....   978.911062: afs_call_done:    c=0000005f ret=0 ab=0 [0000000082994ead]

And then the stat command generated no traffic if unpatched, but with
this change a call to fetch the status can be observed:

            stat-4471    [000] .....   986.744122: afs_make_fs_call: c=000000ab 100058:023b4c:242d2c2 YFS.FetchStatus
            stat-4471    [000] .....   986.745578: afs_call_done:    c=000000ab ret=0 ab=0 [0000000087fc8c84]

Fixes: 08e0e7c82eea ("[AF_RXRPC]: Make the in-kernel AFS filesystem use AF_RXRPC.")
Reported-by: Markus Suvanto <>
Signed-off-by: David Howells <>
cc: Marc Dionne <>
Tested-by: Markus Suvanto <>
Link: # v1
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
1 file changed