Merge tag 'arm-multiplatform-5.19-2' of git://

Pull more ARM multiplatform updates from Arnd Bergmann:
 "The second part of the multiplatform changes now converts the
  Intel/Marvell PXA platform along with the rest. The patches went
  through several rebases before the merge window as bugs were found, so
  they remained separate.

  This has to touch a lot of drivers, in particular the touchscreen,
  pcmcia, sound and clk bits, to detach the driver files from the
  platform and board specific header files"

* tag 'arm-multiplatform-5.19-2' of git:// (48 commits)
  ARM: pxa/mmp: remove traces of plat-pxa
  ARM: pxa: convert to multiplatform
  ARM: pxa/sa1100: move I/O space to PCI_IOBASE
  ARM: pxa: remove support for MTD_XIP
  ARM: pxa: move mach/*.h to mach-pxa/
  ARM: PXA: fix multi-cpu build of xsc3
  ARM: pxa: move plat-pxa to drivers/soc/
  ARM: mmp: rename pxa_register_device
  ARM: mmp: remove tavorevb board support
  ARM: pxa: remove unused mach/bitfield.h
  ARM: pxa: move clk register definitions to driver
  ARM: pxa: move smemc register access from clk to platform
  cpufreq: pxa3: move clk register access to clk driver
  ARM: pxa: remove get_clk_frequency_khz()
  ARM: pxa: pcmcia: move smemc configuration back to arch
  ASoC: pxa: i2s: use normal MMIO accessors
  ASoC: pxa: ac97: use normal MMIO accessors
  ASoC: pxa: use pdev resource for FIFO regs
  Input: wm97xx - get rid of irq_enable method in wm97xx_mach_ops
  Input: wm97xx - switch to using threaded IRQ