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Pull DAX updates part one from Darrick Wong:
 "After many years of LKML-wrangling about how to enable programs to
  query and influence the file data access mode (DAX) when a filesystem
  resides on storage devices such as persistent memory, Ira Weiny has
  emerged with a proposed set of standard behaviors that has not been
  shot down by anyone! We're more or less standardizing on the current
  XFS behavior and adapting ext4 to do the same.

  This is the first of a handful pull requests that will make ext4 and
  XFS present a consistent interface for user programs that care about
  DAX. We add a statx attribute that programs can check to see if DAX is
  enabled on a particular file. Then, we update the DAX documentation to
  spell out the user-visible behaviors that filesystems will guarantee
  (until the next storage industry shakeup). The on-disk inode flag has
  been in XFS for a few years now.


   - Clean up io_is_direct.

   - Add a new statx flag to indicate when file data access is being
     done via DAX (as opposed to the page cache).

   - Update the documentation for how system administrators and
     application programmers can take advantage of the (still
     experimental DAX) feature"


* tag 'vfs-5.8-merge-1' of git://
  Documentation/dax: Update Usage section
  fs/stat: Define DAX statx attribute
  fs: Remove unneeded IS_DAX() check in io_is_direct()