Merge tag 'for-5.8-tag' of git://

Pull btrfs updates from David Sterba:

   - speedup dead root detection during orphan cleanup, eg. when there
     are many deleted subvolumes waiting to be cleaned, the trees are
     now looked up in radix tree instead of a O(N^2) search

   - snapshot creation with inherited qgroup will mark the qgroup
     inconsistent, requires a rescan

   - send will emit file capabilities after chown, this produces a
     stream that does not need postprocessing to set the capabilities

   - direct io ported to iomap infrastructure, cleaned up and simplified
     code, notably removing last use of struct buffer_head in btrfs code

  Core changes:

   - factor out backreference iteration, to be used by ordinary
     backreferences and relocation code

   - improved global block reserve utilization
      * better logic to serialize requests
      * increased maximum available for unlink
      * improved handling on large pages (64K)

   - direct io cleanups and fixes
      * simplify layering, where cloned bios were unnecessarily created
        for some cases
      * error handling fixes (submit, endio)
      * remove repair worker thread, used to avoid deadlocks during

   - refactored block group reading code, preparatory work for new type
     of block group storage that should improve mount time on large


   - cleaned up (and slightly sped up) set/get helpers for metadata data
     structure members

   - root bit REF_COWS got renamed to SHAREABLE to reflect the that the
     blocks of the tree get shared either among subvolumes or with the
     relocation trees


   - when subvolume deletion fails due to ENOSPC, the filesystem is not
     turned read-only

   - device scan deals with devices from other filesystems that changed
     ownership due to overwrite (mkfs)

   - fix a race between scrub and block group removal/allocation

   - fix long standing bug of a runaway balance operation, printing the
     same line to the syslog, caused by a stale status bit on a reloc
     tree that prevented progress

   - fix corrupt log due to concurrent fsync of inodes with shared

   - fix space underflow for NODATACOW and buffered writes when it for
     some reason needs to fallback to COW mode"

* tag 'for-5.8-tag' of git:// (133 commits)
  btrfs: fix space_info bytes_may_use underflow during space cache writeout
  btrfs: fix space_info bytes_may_use underflow after nocow buffered write
  btrfs: fix wrong file range cleanup after an error filling dealloc range
  btrfs: remove redundant local variable in read_block_for_search
  btrfs: open code key_search
  btrfs: split btrfs_direct_IO to read and write part
  fs: remove dio_end_io()
  btrfs: switch to iomap_dio_rw() for dio
  iomap: remove lockdep_assert_held()
  iomap: add a filesystem hook for direct I/O bio submission
  fs: export generic_file_buffered_read()
  btrfs: turn space cache writeout failure messages into debug messages
  btrfs: include error on messages about failure to write space/inode caches
  btrfs: remove useless 'fail_unlock' label from btrfs_csum_file_blocks()
  btrfs: do not ignore error from btrfs_next_leaf() when inserting checksums
  btrfs: make checksum item extension more efficient
  btrfs: fix corrupt log due to concurrent fsync of inodes with shared extents
  btrfs: unexport btrfs_compress_set_level()
  btrfs: simplify iget helpers