Merge tag 'xfs-5.16-merge-5' of git://

Pull xfs cleanups from Darrick Wong:
 "The most 'exciting' aspect of this branch is that the xfsprogs
  maintainer and I have worked through the last of the code
  discrepancies between kernel and userspace libxfs such that there are
  no code differences between the two except for #includes.

  IOWs, diff suffices to demonstrate that the userspace tools behave the
  same as the kernel, and kernel-only bits are clearly marked in the
  /kernel/ source code instead of just the userspace source.


   - Clean up open-coded swap() calls.

   - A little bit of #ifdef golf to complete the reunification of the
     kernel and userspace libxfs source code"

* tag 'xfs-5.16-merge-5' of git://
  xfs: sync xfs_btree_split macros with userspace libxfs
  xfs: #ifdef out perag code for userspace
  xfs: use swap() to make dabtree code cleaner