Merge tag 's390-5.13-1' of git://

Pull s390 updates from Heiko Carstens:

 - fix buffer size for in-kernel disassembler for ebpf programs.

 - fix two memory leaks in zcrypt driver.

 - expose PCI device UID as index, including an indicator if the uid is

 - remove some oprofile leftovers.

 - improve stack unwinder tests.

 - don't use gcc atomic builtins anymore, just like all other
   architectures. Even though I'm sure the current code is ok, I totally
   dislike that s390 is the only architecture being special here;
   especially considering that there was a lengthly discussion about
   this topic and the outcome was not to use the builtins. Therefore
   open-code atomic ops again with inline assembly and switch to gcc
   builtins as soon as other architectures are doing.

 - couple of other changes to atomic and cmpxchg, and use
   atomic-instrumented.h for KASAN.

 - separate zbus creation, registration, and scanning in our PCI code
   which allows for cleaner and easier handling.

 - a rather large change to the vfio-ap code to fix circular locking
   dependencies when updating crypto masks.

 - move QAOB handling from qdio layer down to drivers.

 - add CRW inject facility to common I/O layer. This adds debugs files
   which allow to generate artificial events from user space for testing

 - increase SCLP console line length from 80 to 320 characters to avoid
   odd wrapped lines.

 - add protected virtualization guest and host indication files, which
   indicate either that a guest is running in pv mode or if the
   hypervisor is capable of starting pv guests.

 - various other small fixes and improvements all over the place.

* tag 's390-5.13-1' of git:// (53 commits)
  s390/disassembler: increase ebpf disasm buffer size
  s390/archrandom: add parameter check for s390_arch_random_generate
  s390/zcrypt: fix zcard and zqueue hot-unplug memleak
  s390/pci: expose a PCI device's UID as its index
  s390/atomic,cmpxchg: always inline __xchg/__cmpxchg
  s390/smp: fix do_restart() prototype
  s390: get rid of oprofile leftovers
  s390/atomic,cmpxchg: make constraints work with old compilers
  s390/test_unwind: print test suite start/end info
  s390/cmpxchg: use unsigned long values instead of void pointers
  s390/test_unwind: add WARN if tests failed
  s390/test_unwind: unify error handling paths
  s390: update defconfigs
  s390/spinlock: use R constraint in inline assembly
  s390/atomic,cmpxchg: switch to use atomic-instrumented.h
  s390/cmpxchg: get rid of gcc atomic builtins
  s390/atomic: get rid of gcc atomic builtins
  s390/atomic: use proper constraints
  s390/atomic: move remaining inline assemblies to atomic_ops.h
  s390/bitops: make bitops only work on longs