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Pull network filesystem helper library updates from David Howells:
 "Here's a set of patches for 5.13 to begin the process of overhauling
  the local caching API for network filesystems. This set consists of
  two parts:

  (1) Add a helper library to handle the new VM readahead interface.

      This is intended to be used unconditionally by the filesystem
      (whether or not caching is enabled) and provides a common
      framework for doing caching, transparent huge pages and, in the
      future, possibly fscrypt and read bandwidth maximisation. It also
      allows the netfs and the cache to align, expand and slice up a
      read request from the VM in various ways; the netfs need only
      provide a function to read a stretch of data to the pagecache and
      the helper takes care of the rest.

  (2) Add an alternative fscache/cachfiles I/O API that uses the kiocb
      facility to do async DIO to transfer data to/from the netfs's
      pages, rather than using readpage with wait queue snooping on one
      side and vfs_write() on the other. It also uses less memory, since
      it doesn't do buffered I/O on the backing file.

      Note that this uses SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA to locate the data
      available to be read from the cache. Whilst this is an improvement
      from the bmap interface, it still has a problem with regard to a
      modern extent-based filesystem inserting or removing bridging
      blocks of zeros. Fixing that requires a much greater overhaul.

  This is a step towards overhauling the fscache API. The change is
  opt-in on the part of the network filesystem. A netfs should not try
  to mix the old and the new API because of conflicting ways of handling
  pages and the PG_fscache page flag and because it would be mixing DIO
  with buffered I/O. Further, the helper library can't be used with the
  old API.

  This does not change any of the fscache cookie handling APIs or the
  way invalidation is done at this time.

  In the near term, I intend to deprecate and remove the old I/O API
  (fscache_allocate_page{,s}(), fscache_read_or_alloc_page{,s}(),
  fscache_write_page() and fscache_uncache_page()) and eventually
  replace most of fscache/cachefiles with something simpler and easier
  to follow.

  This patchset contains the following parts:

   - Some helper patches, including provision of an ITER_XARRAY iov
     iterator and a function to do readahead expansion.

   - Patches to add the netfs helper library.

   - A patch to add the fscache/cachefiles kiocb API.

   - A pair of patches to fix some review issues in the ITER_XARRAY and
     read helpers as spotted by Al and Willy.

  Jeff Layton has patches to add support in Ceph for this that he
  intends for this merge window. I have a set of patches to support AFS
  that I will post a separate pull request for.

  With this, AFS without a cache passes all expected xfstests; with a
  cache, there's an extra failure, but that's also there before these
  patches. Fixing that probably requires a greater overhaul. Ceph also
  passes the expected tests.

  I also have patches in a separate branch to tidy up the handling of
  PG_fscache/PG_private_2 and their contribution to page refcounting in
  the core kernel here, but I haven't included them in this set and will
  route them separately"


* tag 'netfs-lib-20210426' of git://
  netfs: Miscellaneous fixes
  iov_iter: Four fixes for ITER_XARRAY
  fscache, cachefiles: Add alternate API to use kiocb for read/write to cache
  netfs: Add a tracepoint to log failures that would be otherwise unseen
  netfs: Define an interface to talk to a cache
  netfs: Add write_begin helper
  netfs: Gather stats
  netfs: Add tracepoints
  netfs: Provide readahead and readpage netfs helpers
  netfs, mm: Add set/end/wait_on_page_fscache() aliases
  netfs, mm: Move PG_fscache helper funcs to linux/netfs.h
  netfs: Documentation for helper library
  netfs: Make a netfs helper module
  mm: Implement readahead_control pageset expansion
  mm/readahead: Handle ractl nr_pages being modified
  fs: Document file_ra_state
  mm/filemap: Pass the file_ra_state in the ractl
  mm: Add set/end/wait functions for PG_private_2
  iov_iter: Add ITER_XARRAY