Fix misc new gcc warnings

It seems like Fedora 34 ends up enabling a few new gcc warnings, notably
"-Wstringop-overread" and "-Warray-parameter".

Both of them cause what seem to be valid warnings in the kernel, where
we have array size mismatches in function arguments (that are no longer
just silently converted to a pointer to element, but actually checked).

This fixes most of the trivial ones, by making the function declaration
match the function definition, and in the case of intel_pm.c, removing
the over-specified array size from the argument declaration.

At least one 'stringop-overread' warning remains in the i915 driver, but
that one doesn't have the same obvious trivial fix, and may or may not
actually be indicative of a bug.

[ It was a mistake to upgrade one of my machines to Fedora 34 while
  being busy with the merge window, but if this is the extent of the
  compiler upgrade problems, things are better than usual    - Linus ]

Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
4 files changed