Merge tag 'selinux-pr-20210426' of git://

Pull selinux updates from Paul Moore:

 - Add support for measuring the SELinux state and policy capabilities
   using IMA.

 - A handful of SELinux/NFS patches to compare the SELinux state of one
   mount with a set of mount options. Olga goes into more detail in the
   patch descriptions, but this is important as it allows more
   flexibility when using NFS and SELinux context mounts.

 - Properly differentiate between the subjective and objective LSM
   credentials; including support for the SELinux and Smack. My clumsy
   attempt at a proper fix for AppArmor didn't quite pass muster so John
   is working on a proper AppArmor patch, in the meantime this set of
   patches shouldn't change the behavior of AppArmor in any way. This
   change explains the bulk of the diffstat beyond security/.

 - Fix a problem where we were not properly terminating the permission
   list for two SELinux object classes.

* tag 'selinux-pr-20210426' of git://
  selinux: add proper NULL termination to the secclass_map permissions
  smack: differentiate between subjective and objective task credentials
  selinux: clarify task subjective and objective credentials
  lsm: separate security_task_getsecid() into subjective and objective variants
  nfs: account for selinux security context when deciding to share superblock
  nfs: remove unneeded null check in nfs_fill_super()
  lsm,selinux: add new hook to compare new mount to an existing mount
  selinux: fix misspellings using codespell tool
  selinux: fix misspellings using codespell tool
  selinux: measure state and policy capabilities
  selinux: Allow context mounts for unpriviliged overlayfs