fanotify: Use interruptible wait when waiting for permission events

When waiting for response to fanotify permission events, we currently
use uninterruptible waits. That makes code simple however it can cause
lots of processes to end up in uninterruptible sleep with hard reboot
being the only alternative in case fanotify listener process stops
responding (e.g. due to a bug in its implementation). Uninterruptible
sleep also makes system hibernation fail if the listener gets frozen
before the process generating fanotify permission event.

Fix these problems by using interruptible sleep for waiting for response
to fanotify event. This is slightly tricky though - we have to
detect when the event got already reported to userspace as in that
case we must not free the event. Instead we push the responsibility for
freeing the event to the process that will write response to the

Reported-by: Orion Poplawski <>
Reported-by: Konstantin Khlebnikov <>
Reviewed-by: Amir Goldstein <>
Signed-off-by: Jan Kara <>
3 files changed