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* Driver for Solarflare network controllers and boards
* Copyright 2006-2011 Solarflare Communications Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published
* by the Free Software Foundation, incorporated herein by reference.
#ifndef EF4_MDIO_10G_H
#define EF4_MDIO_10G_H
#include <linux/mdio.h>
* Helper functions for doing 10G MDIO as specified in IEEE 802.3 clause 45.
#include "efx.h"
static inline unsigned ef4_mdio_id_rev(u32 id) { return id & 0xf; }
static inline unsigned ef4_mdio_id_model(u32 id) { return (id >> 4) & 0x3f; }
unsigned ef4_mdio_id_oui(u32 id);
static inline int ef4_mdio_read(struct ef4_nic *efx, int devad, int addr)
return efx->mdio.mdio_read(efx->net_dev, efx->mdio.prtad, devad, addr);
static inline void
ef4_mdio_write(struct ef4_nic *efx, int devad, int addr, int value)
efx->mdio.mdio_write(efx->net_dev, efx->mdio.prtad, devad, addr, value);
static inline u32 ef4_mdio_read_id(struct ef4_nic *efx, int mmd)
u16 id_low = ef4_mdio_read(efx, mmd, MDIO_DEVID2);
u16 id_hi = ef4_mdio_read(efx, mmd, MDIO_DEVID1);
return (id_hi << 16) | (id_low);
static inline bool ef4_mdio_phyxgxs_lane_sync(struct ef4_nic *efx)
int i, lane_status;
bool sync;
for (i = 0; i < 2; ++i)
lane_status = ef4_mdio_read(efx, MDIO_MMD_PHYXS,
sync = !!(lane_status & MDIO_PHYXS_LNSTAT_ALIGN);
if (!sync)
netif_dbg(efx, hw, efx->net_dev, "XGXS lane status: %x\n",
return sync;
const char *ef4_mdio_mmd_name(int mmd);
* Reset a specific MMD and wait for reset to clear.
* Return number of spins left (>0) on success, -%ETIMEDOUT on failure.
* This function will sleep
int ef4_mdio_reset_mmd(struct ef4_nic *efx, int mmd, int spins, int spintime);
/* As ef4_mdio_check_mmd but for multiple MMDs */
int ef4_mdio_check_mmds(struct ef4_nic *efx, unsigned int mmd_mask);
/* Check the link status of specified mmds in bit mask */
bool ef4_mdio_links_ok(struct ef4_nic *efx, unsigned int mmd_mask);
/* Generic transmit disable support though PMAPMD */
void ef4_mdio_transmit_disable(struct ef4_nic *efx);
/* Generic part of reconfigure: set/clear loopback bits */
void ef4_mdio_phy_reconfigure(struct ef4_nic *efx);
/* Set the power state of the specified MMDs */
void ef4_mdio_set_mmds_lpower(struct ef4_nic *efx, int low_power,
unsigned int mmd_mask);
/* Set (some of) the PHY settings over MDIO */
int ef4_mdio_set_link_ksettings(struct ef4_nic *efx,
const struct ethtool_link_ksettings *cmd);
/* Push advertising flags and restart autonegotiation */
void ef4_mdio_an_reconfigure(struct ef4_nic *efx);
/* Get pause parameters from AN if available (otherwise return
* requested pause parameters)
u8 ef4_mdio_get_pause(struct ef4_nic *efx);
/* Wait for specified MMDs to exit reset within a timeout */
int ef4_mdio_wait_reset_mmds(struct ef4_nic *efx, unsigned int mmd_mask);
/* Set or clear flag, debouncing */
static inline void
ef4_mdio_set_flag(struct ef4_nic *efx, int devad, int addr,
int mask, bool state)
mdio_set_flag(&efx->mdio, efx->mdio.prtad, devad, addr, mask, state);
/* Liveness self-test for MDIO PHYs */
int ef4_mdio_test_alive(struct ef4_nic *efx);
#endif /* EF4_MDIO_10G_H */