Merge branch 'fixes' of git://

Pull ARM updates from Russell King.

* 'fixes' of git://
  ARM: 7358/1: perf: add PMU hotplug notifier
  ARM: 7357/1: perf: fix overflow handling for xscale2 PMUs
  ARM: 7356/1: perf: check that we have an event in the PMU IRQ handlers
  ARM: 7355/1: perf: clear overflow flag when disabling counter on ARMv7 PMU
  ARM: 7354/1: perf: limit sample_period to half max_period in non-sampling mode
  ARM: ecard: ensure fake vma vm_flags is setup
  ARM: 7346/1: errata: fix PL310 erratum #753970 workaround selection
  ARM: 7345/1: errata: update workaround for A9 erratum #743622
  ARM: 7348/1: arm/spear600: fix one-shot timer
  ARM: 7339/1: amba/serial.h: Include types.h for resolving dependency of type bool