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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) Encap offset calculation is incorrect in esp6, from Sabrina Dubroca.

 2) Better parameter validation in pfkey_dump(), from Mark Salyzyn.

 3) Fix several clang issues on powerpc in selftests, from Tanner Love.

 4) cmsghdr_from_user_compat_to_kern() uses the wrong length, from Al

 5) Out of bounds access in mlx5e driver, from Raed Salem.

 6) Fix transfer buffer memleak in lan78xx, from Johan Havold.

 7) RCU fixups in rhashtable, from Herbert Xu.

 8) Fix ipv6 nexthop refcnt leak, from Xiyu Yang.

 9) vxlan FDB dump must be done under RCU, from Ido Schimmel.

10) Fix use after free in mlxsw, from Ido Schimmel.

11) Fix map leak in HASH_OF_MAPS bpf code, from Andrii Nakryiko.

12) Fix bug in mac80211 Tx ack status reporting, from Vasanthakumar

13) Fix memory leaks in IPV6_ADDRFORM code, from Cong Wang.

14) Fix bpf program reference count leaks in mlx5 during
    mlx5e_alloc_rq(), from Xin Xiong.

* git:// (86 commits)
  vxlan: fix memleak of fdb
  rds: Prevent kernel-infoleak in rds_notify_queue_get()
  net/sched: The error lable position is corrected in ct_init_module
  net/mlx5e: fix bpf_prog reference count leaks in mlx5e_alloc_rq
  net/mlx5e: E-Switch, Specify flow_source for rule with no in_port
  net/mlx5e: E-Switch, Add misc bit when misc fields changed for mirroring
  net/mlx5e: CT: Support restore ipv6 tunnel
  net: gemini: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() in error path of gemini_ethernet_port_probe()
  ionic: unlock queue mutex in error path
  atm: fix atm_dev refcnt leaks in atmtcp_remove_persistent
  net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix MTU warnings
  net: nixge: fix potential memory leak in nixge_probe()
  devlink: ignore -EOPNOTSUPP errors on dumpit
  rxrpc: Fix race between recvmsg and sendmsg on immediate call failure
  MAINTAINERS: Replace Thor Thayer as Altera Triple Speed Ethernet maintainer
  selftests/bpf: fix netdevsim trap_flow_action_cookie read
  ipv6: fix memory leaks on IPV6_ADDRFORM path
  net/bpfilter: Initialize pos in __bpfilter_process_sockopt
  igb: reinit_locked() should be called with rtnl_lock
  e1000e: continue to init PHY even when failed to disable ULP