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// SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0 OR BSD-3-Clause)
// Copyright(c) 2015-17 Intel Corporation.
#include <sound/soc.h>
#ifndef __SDW_CADENCE_H
#define __SDW_CADENCE_H
* struct sdw_cdns_pdi: PDI (Physical Data Interface) instance
* @assigned: pdi assigned
* @num: pdi number
* @intel_alh_id: link identifier
* @l_ch_num: low channel for PDI
* @h_ch_num: high channel for PDI
* @ch_count: total channel count for PDI
* @dir: data direction
* @type: stream type, PDM or PCM
struct sdw_cdns_pdi {
bool assigned;
int num;
int intel_alh_id;
int l_ch_num;
int h_ch_num;
int ch_count;
enum sdw_data_direction dir;
enum sdw_stream_type type;
* struct sdw_cdns_port: Cadence port structure
* @num: port number
* @assigned: port assigned
* @ch: channel count
* @direction: data port direction
* @pdi: pdi for this port
struct sdw_cdns_port {
unsigned int num;
bool assigned;
unsigned int ch;
enum sdw_data_direction direction;
struct sdw_cdns_pdi *pdi;
* struct sdw_cdns_streams: Cadence stream data structure
* @num_bd: number of bidirectional streams
* @num_in: number of input streams
* @num_out: number of output streams
* @num_ch_bd: number of bidirectional stream channels
* @num_ch_bd: number of input stream channels
* @num_ch_bd: number of output stream channels
* @num_pdi: total number of PDIs
* @bd: bidirectional streams
* @in: input streams
* @out: output streams
struct sdw_cdns_streams {
unsigned int num_bd;
unsigned int num_in;
unsigned int num_out;
unsigned int num_ch_bd;
unsigned int num_ch_in;
unsigned int num_ch_out;
unsigned int num_pdi;
struct sdw_cdns_pdi *bd;
struct sdw_cdns_pdi *in;
struct sdw_cdns_pdi *out;
* struct sdw_cdns_stream_config: stream configuration
* @pcm_bd: number of bidirectional PCM streams supported
* @pcm_in: number of input PCM streams supported
* @pcm_out: number of output PCM streams supported
* @pdm_bd: number of bidirectional PDM streams supported
* @pdm_in: number of input PDM streams supported
* @pdm_out: number of output PDM streams supported
struct sdw_cdns_stream_config {
unsigned int pcm_bd;
unsigned int pcm_in;
unsigned int pcm_out;
unsigned int pdm_bd;
unsigned int pdm_in;
unsigned int pdm_out;
* struct sdw_cdns_dma_data: Cadence DMA data
* @name: SoundWire stream name
* @nr_ports: Number of ports
* @port: Ports
* @bus: Bus handle
* @stream_type: Stream type
* @link_id: Master link id
struct sdw_cdns_dma_data {
char *name;
struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream;
int nr_ports;
struct sdw_cdns_port **port;
struct sdw_bus *bus;
enum sdw_stream_type stream_type;
int link_id;
* struct sdw_cdns - Cadence driver context
* @dev: Linux device
* @bus: Bus handle
* @instance: instance number
* @response_buf: SoundWire response buffer
* @tx_complete: Tx completion
* @defer: Defer pointer
* @ports: Data ports
* @num_ports: Total number of data ports
* @pcm: PCM streams
* @pdm: PDM streams
* @registers: Cadence registers
* @link_up: Link status
* @msg_count: Messages sent on bus
struct sdw_cdns {
struct device *dev;
struct sdw_bus bus;
unsigned int instance;
u32 response_buf[0x80];
struct completion tx_complete;
struct sdw_defer *defer;
struct sdw_cdns_port *ports;
int num_ports;
struct sdw_cdns_streams pcm;
struct sdw_cdns_streams pdm;
void __iomem *registers;
bool link_up;
unsigned int msg_count;
#define bus_to_cdns(_bus) container_of(_bus, struct sdw_cdns, bus)
/* Exported symbols */
int sdw_cdns_probe(struct sdw_cdns *cdns);
extern struct sdw_master_ops sdw_cdns_master_ops;
irqreturn_t sdw_cdns_irq(int irq, void *dev_id);
irqreturn_t sdw_cdns_thread(int irq, void *dev_id);
int sdw_cdns_init(struct sdw_cdns *cdns);
int sdw_cdns_pdi_init(struct sdw_cdns *cdns,
struct sdw_cdns_stream_config config);
int sdw_cdns_enable_interrupt(struct sdw_cdns *cdns);
int sdw_cdns_get_stream(struct sdw_cdns *cdns,
struct sdw_cdns_streams *stream,
u32 ch, u32 dir);
int sdw_cdns_alloc_stream(struct sdw_cdns *cdns,
struct sdw_cdns_streams *stream,
struct sdw_cdns_port *port, u32 ch, u32 dir);
void sdw_cdns_config_stream(struct sdw_cdns *cdns, struct sdw_cdns_port *port,
u32 ch, u32 dir, struct sdw_cdns_pdi *pdi);
void sdw_cdns_shutdown(struct snd_pcm_substream *substream,
struct snd_soc_dai *dai);
int sdw_cdns_pcm_set_stream(struct snd_soc_dai *dai,
void *stream, int direction);
int sdw_cdns_pdm_set_stream(struct snd_soc_dai *dai,
void *stream, int direction);
enum sdw_command_response
cdns_reset_page_addr(struct sdw_bus *bus, unsigned int dev_num);
enum sdw_command_response
cdns_xfer_msg(struct sdw_bus *bus, struct sdw_msg *msg);
enum sdw_command_response
cdns_xfer_msg_defer(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_msg *msg, struct sdw_defer *defer);
enum sdw_command_response
cdns_reset_page_addr(struct sdw_bus *bus, unsigned int dev_num);
int cdns_bus_conf(struct sdw_bus *bus, struct sdw_bus_params *params);
int cdns_set_sdw_stream(struct snd_soc_dai *dai,
void *stream, bool pcm, int direction);
#endif /* __SDW_CADENCE_H */