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Pull networking updates from Jakub Kicinski:

   - Enable memcg accounting for various networking objects.


   - Introduce bpf timers.

   - Add perf link and opaque bpf_cookie which the program can read out
     again, to be used in libbpf-based USDT library.

   - Add bpf_task_pt_regs() helper to access user space pt_regs in
     kprobes, to help user space stack unwinding.

   - Add support for UNIX sockets for BPF sockmap.

   - Extend BPF iterator support for UNIX domain sockets.

   - Allow BPF TCP congestion control progs and bpf iterators to call
     bpf_setsockopt(), e.g. to switch to another congestion control


   - Support IOAM Pre-allocated Trace with IPv6.

   - Support Management Component Transport Protocol.

   - bridge: multicast: add vlan support.

   - netfilter: add hooks for the SRv6 lightweight tunnel driver.

   - tcp:
       - enable mid-stream window clamping (by user space or BPF)
       - allow data-less, empty-cookie SYN with TFO_SERVER_COOKIE_NOT_REQD
       - more accurate DSACK processing for RACK-TLP

   - mptcp:
       - add full mesh path manager option
       - add partial support for MP_FAIL
       - improve use of backup subflows
       - optimize option processing

   - af_unix: add OOB notification support.

   - ipv6: add IFLA_INET6_RA_MTU to expose MTU value advertised by the

   - mac80211: Target Wake Time support in AP mode.

   - can: j1939: extend UAPI to notify about RX status.

  Driver APIs:

   - Add page frag support in page pool API.

   - Many improvements to the DSA (distributed switch) APIs.

   - ethtool: extend IRQ coalesce uAPI with timer reset modes.

   - devlink: control which auxiliary devices are created.

   - Support CAN PHYs via the generic PHY subsystem.

   - Proper cross-chip support for tag_8021q.

   - Allow TX forwarding for the software bridge data path to be
     offloaded to capable devices.


   - veth: more flexible channels number configuration.

   - openvswitch: introduce per-cpu upcall dispatch.

   - Add internet mix (IMIX) mode to pktgen.

   - Transparently handle XDP operations in the bonding driver.

   - Add LiteETH network driver.

   - Renesas (ravb):
       - support Gigabit Ethernet IP

   - NXP Ethernet switch (sja1105):
       - fast aging support
       - support for "H" switch topologies
       - traffic termination for ports under VLAN-aware bridge

   - Intel 1G Ethernet
       - support getcrosststamp() with PCIe PTM (Precision Time
         Measurement) for better time sync
       - support Credit-Based Shaper (CBS) offload, enabling HW traffic
         prioritization and bandwidth reservation

   - Broadcom Ethernet (bnxt)
       - support pulse-per-second output
       - support larger Rx rings

   - Mellanox Ethernet (mlx5)
       - support ethtool RSS contexts and MQPRIO channel mode
       - support LAG offload with bridging
       - support devlink rate limit API
       - support packet sampling on tunnels

   - Huawei Ethernet (hns3):
       - basic devlink support
       - add extended IRQ coalescing support
       - report extended link state

   - Netronome Ethernet (nfp):
       - add conntrack offload support

   - Broadcom WiFi (brcmfmac):
       - add WPA3 Personal with FT to supported cipher suites
       - support 43752 SDIO device

   - Intel WiFi (iwlwifi):
       - support scanning hidden 6GHz networks
       - support for a new hardware family (Bz)

   - Xen pv driver:
       - harden netfront against malicious backends

   - Qualcomm mobile
       - ipa: refactor power management and enable automatic suspend
       - mhi: move MBIM to WWAN subsystem interfaces


   - Ambient BPF run context and cgroup storage cleanup.

   - Compat rework for ndo_ioctl.

  Old code removal:

   - prism54 remove the obsoleted driver, deprecated by the p54 driver.

   - wan: remove sbni/granch driver"

* tag 'net-next-5.15' of git:// (1715 commits)
  net: Add depends on OF_NET for LiteX's LiteETH
  ipv6: seg6: remove duplicated include
  net: hns3: remove unnecessary spaces
  net: hns3: add some required spaces
  net: hns3: clean up a type mismatch warning
  net: hns3: refine function hns3_set_default_feature()
  ipv6: remove duplicated 'net/lwtunnel.h' include
  net: w5100: check return value after calling platform_get_resource()
  net/mlxbf_gige: Make use of devm_platform_ioremap_resourcexxx()
  net: mdio: mscc-miim: Make use of the helper function devm_platform_ioremap_resource()
  net: mdio-ipq4019: Make use of devm_platform_ioremap_resource()
  fou: remove sparse errors
  ipv4: fix endianness issue in inet_rtm_getroute_build_skb()
  octeontx2-af: Set proper errorcode for IPv4 checksum errors
  octeontx2-af: Fix static code analyzer reported issues
  octeontx2-af: Fix mailbox errors in nix_rss_flowkey_cfg
  octeontx2-af: Fix loop in free and unmap counter
  af_unix: fix potential NULL deref in unix_dgram_connect()
  dpaa2-eth: Replace strlcpy with strscpy
  octeontx2-af: Use NDC TX for transmit packet data