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my $dtc_old = "/home/jdl/FSL/dtc/dtc-old";
my $dtc_new = "/home/jdl/FSL/dtc/dtc-new";
my $basic_options = "-b 0 -f -I dts -O dtb";
my $linux_dts_dir = "/usr/src/linux-2.6/arch/powerpc/boot/dts";
# Yeah, sure, we could, like, readdir() this instead...
my @boards = (
"mpc866ads", # Feh. Bad node references...
foreach my $board (@boards) {
my $dts_file = "$linux_dts_dir/$board.dts";
my $old_dtb_file = "/tmp/$board.dtb.old";
my $new_dtb_file = "/tmp/$";
my $cmd_old = "$dtc_old $basic_options -o $old_dtb_file $dts_file";
my $cmd_new = "$dtc_new $basic_options -o $new_dtb_file $dts_file";
my $cmd_cmp = "cmp $old_dtb_file $new_dtb_file";
print "------------------------------------------------\n";
print "OLD: $cmd_old\n";
unlink($old_dtb_file) if (-f $old_dtb_file);
system("$cmd_old >& /dev/null");
my $status = $?;
if ($status) {
print " FAILED to run old DTC on $board\n";
print "NEW: $cmd_new\n";
unlink($new_dtb_file) if (-f $new_dtb_file);
system("$cmd_new >& /dev/null");
$status = $?;
if ($status) {
print " FAILED to run new DTC on $board\n";
if (-f $old_dtb_file && -f $new_dtb_file) {
print "CMP: $cmd_cmp\n";
$status = $?;
if ($status) {
print " FAILED $board\n";
} else {
printf " FAILED: Missing dtb file\n";