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* Copyright 2000-2004 by Hans Reiser, licensing governed by
* reiserfsprogs/README
#define BADBLOCK_OBJID (__u32)-1
typedef struct reiserfs_filsys reiserfs_filsys_t;
#include "reiserfs_fs.h"
struct _bitmap {
unsigned long bm_byte_size;
unsigned long bm_bit_size;
char * bm_map;
unsigned long bm_set_bits;
int bm_dirty; /* used for fetched bitmap */
typedef struct _bitmap reiserfs_bitmap_t;
typedef __u32 (*hashf_t) (const char *, int);
struct reiserfs_filsys {
unsigned int fs_blocksize;
int fs_format; /* on-disk format version */
hashf_t fs_hash_function; /* pointer to function which is used to sort
names in directory. It is set by
reiserfs_open if it is set in the super
block, otherwise it is set by first
is_properly_hashed */
char * fs_file_name; /* file name of underlying device */
int fs_dev; /* descriptor of opened block device file */
struct buffer_head * fs_super_bh; /* buffer containing super block */
struct reiserfs_super_block * fs_ondisk_sb; /* pointer to its b_data */
reiserfs_bitmap_t * fs_bitmap2; /* ondisk bitmap after
reiserfs_open_ondisk_bitmap */
/* opened journal fields */
char * fs_j_file_name; /* file name of relocated journal device */
int fs_journal_dev; /* descriptor of opened journal device */
struct buffer_head * fs_jh_bh; /* buffer containing journal header */
/* badblocks */
reiserfs_bitmap_t * fs_badblocks_bm;
int fs_dirt;
int fs_flags;
void * fs_vp;
int (*block_allocator) (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs,
unsigned long * free_blocknrs,
unsigned long start, int amount_needed);
int (*block_deallocator) (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, unsigned long block);
struct _transaction {
unsigned long mount_id;
unsigned long trans_id;
unsigned long desc_blocknr;
unsigned long trans_len;
unsigned long commit_blocknr;
unsigned long next_trans_offset;
typedef struct _transaction reiserfs_trans_t;
/* reiserfslib.c */
void init_tb_struct (struct tree_balance * tb, reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct path * path, int size);
reiserfs_filsys_t * reiserfs_open (char * filename, int flags, int * error, void * vp, int skip_check);
reiserfs_filsys_t * reiserfs_create (char * filename, int version, unsigned long block_count,
int block_size, int default_journal, int new_format);
void reiserfs_flush (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_free (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_close (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_reopen (reiserfs_filsys_t *, int flags);
int is_opened_rw (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs);
void reiserfs_read_bitmap_blocks (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_free_bitmap_blocks (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
int no_reiserfs_found (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
int block_size_ok(int blocksize, int force);
int is_block_count_correct (unsigned long block_of_super_block, unsigned int block_size,
unsigned long block_count, unsigned long journal_size);
//unsigned long min_block_amount (int block_size, unsigned long journal_size);
unsigned long get_size_of_journal_or_reserved_area (struct reiserfs_super_block * sb);
int reiserfs_new_blocknrs (reiserfs_filsys_t *,
unsigned long * free_blocknrs, unsigned long start,
int amount_needed);
int reiserfs_free_block (reiserfs_filsys_t *, unsigned long block);
int spread_bitmaps (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
int filesystem_dirty (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void mark_filesystem_dirty (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_paste_into_item (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct path * path,
const void * body, int size);
void reiserfs_insert_item (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct path * path,
struct item_head * ih, const void * body);
int reiserfs_locate_entry (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * dir, char * name,
struct path * path);
int reiserfs_find_entry (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * dir, char * name,
unsigned int * min_gen_counter, struct key * key);
int reiserfs_add_entry (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * dir, char * name, int name_len,
struct key * key, __u16 fsck_need);
struct key * uget_lkey (struct path * path);
struct key * uget_rkey (struct path * path);
int reiserfs_search_by_key_3 (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * key,
struct path * path);
int reiserfs_search_by_key_4 (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * key,
struct path * path);
int reiserfs_search_by_entry_key (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * key,
struct path * path);
int usearch_by_position (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * key, int version, struct path * path);
struct key * reiserfs_next_key (struct path * path);
void copy_key (void * to, void * from);
void copy_short_key (void * to, void * from);
void copy_item_head(void * p_v_to, void * p_v_from);
int comp_keys (const void * k1, const void * k2);
int comp_keys_3 (const void * k1, const void * k2);
int comp_short_keys (const void * p_s_key1, const void * p_s_key2);
int comp_items (struct item_head * p_s_ih, struct path * p_s_path);
__u32 hash_value (hashf_t func, char * name, int namelen);
int create_dir_sd (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs,
struct path * path, struct key * key,
void (*modify_item)(struct item_head *, void *));
void make_sure_root_dir_exists (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs,
void (*modyfy_item)(struct item_head *, void *),
int ih_flags);
typedef void (*badblock_func_t) (reiserfs_filsys_t *fs,
struct path *badblock_path,
void *data);
void mark_badblock(reiserfs_filsys_t *fs, struct path *badblock_path, void *data);
int create_badblock_bitmap (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, char * badblocks_file);
void add_badblock_list (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, int no_badblock_in_tree_yet);
void badblock_list(reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, badblock_func_t action, void *data);
#define reiserfs_fs_bmap_nr(fs) reiserfs_bmap_nr(get_sb_block_count(fs->fs_ondisk_sb), fs->fs_blocksize)
#define reiserfs_bmap_nr(count, blk_size) ((count - 1) / (blk_size * 8) + 1)
#define reiserfs_bmap_over(nr) (nr > ((1LL << 16) - 1))
extern struct key root_dir_key;
extern struct key parent_root_dir_key;
extern struct key lost_found_dir_key;
extern __u16 root_dir_format;
extern __u16 lost_found_dir_format;
/* bitmap.c */
int reiserfs_open_ondisk_bitmap (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
int reiserfs_create_ondisk_bitmap (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_free_ondisk_bitmap (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_close_ondisk_bitmap (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
int reiserfs_flush_to_ondisk_bitmap (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, reiserfs_filsys_t * fs);
unsigned int reiserfs_calc_bmap_nr(reiserfs_filsys_t *fs, unsigned int blocks);
reiserfs_bitmap_t * reiserfs_create_bitmap (unsigned int bit_count);
int reiserfs_expand_bitmap (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, unsigned int bit_count);
void reiserfs_shrink_bitmap (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, unsigned int bit_count);
void reiserfs_delete_bitmap (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm);
void reiserfs_bitmap_copy (reiserfs_bitmap_t * to, reiserfs_bitmap_t * from);
int reiserfs_bitmap_compare (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm1, reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm2);
void reiserfs_bitmap_disjunction (reiserfs_bitmap_t * disk, reiserfs_bitmap_t * cont);
void reiserfs_bitmap_delta (reiserfs_bitmap_t * base, reiserfs_bitmap_t * exclude);
void reiserfs_bitmap_set_bit (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, unsigned int bit_number);
void reiserfs_bitmap_clear_bit (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, unsigned int bit_number);
int reiserfs_bitmap_test_bit (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, unsigned int bit_number);
int reiserfs_bitmap_find_zero_bit (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, unsigned long * start);
/*int reiserfs_fetch_ondisk_bitmap (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, reiserfs_filsys_t *);*/
/*int reiserfs_flush_bitmap (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm, reiserfs_filsys_t *);*/
void reiserfs_bitmap_zero (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm);
void reiserfs_bitmap_fill (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm);
unsigned int reiserfs_bitmap_ones (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm);
unsigned int reiserfs_bitmap_zeros (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm);
FILE * open_file(char * filename, char * option);
void close_file(FILE * fp);
void reiserfs_bitmap_save (FILE * fp, reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm);
/* this probably should be in fsck */
void reiserfs_begin_stage_info_save(FILE * file, unsigned long stage);
void reiserfs_end_stage_info_save(FILE * file);
int is_stage_magic_correct (FILE * fp);
//void reiserfs_stage_info_save(struct fsck_data *, FILE * file);
reiserfs_bitmap_t * reiserfs_bitmap_load (FILE * fp);
void reiserfs_bitmap_invert (reiserfs_bitmap_t * bm);
int reiserfs_remove_entry (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct key * key);
/* node_formats.c */
#define THE_LEAF 1
#define THE_INTERNAL 2
#define THE_SUPER 3
#define THE_JDESC 4
#define HAS_IH_ARRAY 5
#define THE_UNKNOWN 6
int is_blocksize_correct (unsigned int blocksize);
int is_reiserfs_3_5_magic_string (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);
int is_reiserfs_3_6_magic_string (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);
int is_reiserfs_jr_magic_string (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);
int does_look_like_super_block (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);
int is_any_reiserfs_magic_string (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);
int get_reiserfs_format (struct reiserfs_super_block * sb);
int reiserfs_super_block_size (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);
/*int magic_2_version (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);*/
int is_prejournaled_reiserfs (struct reiserfs_super_block * rs);
int who_is_this (char * buf, int blocksize);
int leaf_count_ih(char * buf, int blocksize);
int leaf_free_space_estimate(char * buf, int blocksize);
int is_a_leaf(char * buf, int blocksize);
int leaf_item_number_estimate(struct buffer_head * bh);
char * which_block (int code);
int get_journal_size (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
int not_data_block (reiserfs_filsys_t *, unsigned long block);
int not_journalable (reiserfs_filsys_t *, unsigned long block);
int block_of_bitmap (reiserfs_filsys_t *, unsigned long block);
int block_of_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t *, unsigned long block);
int is_tree_node (struct buffer_head * bh, int level);
int is_properly_hashed (reiserfs_filsys_t *,
char * name, int namelen, __u32 offset);
int dir_entry_bad_location (struct reiserfs_de_head * deh,
struct item_head * ih, int first);
void make_dir_stat_data (int blocksize, int key_format,
__u32 dirid, __u32 objectid,
struct item_head * ih, void * sd);
void make_empty_dir_item_v1 (char * body, __u32 dirid, __u32 objid,
__u32 par_dirid, __u32 par_objid);
void make_empty_dir_item (char * body, __u32 dirid, __u32 objid,
__u32 par_dirid, __u32 par_objid);
int reiserfs_is_fs_consistent (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs);
typedef void (*item_action_t) (struct buffer_head * bh, struct item_head * ih);
typedef void (*item_head_action_t) (struct item_head * ih);
void for_every_item (struct buffer_head * bh, item_head_action_t action,
item_action_t * actions);
int key_format (const struct key * key);
unsigned long long get_offset (const struct key * key);
int uniqueness2type (__u32 uniqueness);
__u32 type2uniqueness (int type);
int get_type (const struct key * key);
char * key_of_what (const struct key * key);
int type_unknown (struct key * key);
void set_type (int format, struct key * key, int type);
void set_offset (int format, struct key * key, loff_t offset);
void set_type_and_offset (int format, struct key * key, loff_t offset, int type);
typedef int (*check_unfm_func_t) (reiserfs_filsys_t *, __u32);
int is_it_bad_item (reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct item_head *, char *,
check_unfm_func_t, int bad_dir);
#define hash_func_is_unknown(fs) ((fs)->fs_hash_function == 0)
#define reiserfs_hash(fs) ((fs)->fs_hash_function)
int known_hashes (void);
char *code2name (unsigned int code);
int func2code (hashf_t func);
hashf_t code2func (unsigned int code);
hashf_t name2func (char * hash);
int find_hash_in_use (char * name, int namelen, __u32 deh_offset, unsigned int code_to_try_first);
int entry_length (struct item_head * ih, struct reiserfs_de_head * deh,
int pos_in_item);
char * name_in_entry (struct reiserfs_de_head * deh, int pos_in_item);
int name_in_entry_length (struct item_head * ih,
struct reiserfs_de_head * deh, int pos_in_item);
int name_length (char * name, int key_format);
/* access to stat data fields */
void get_set_sd_field (int field, struct item_head * ih, void * sd,
void * value, int set);
#define GET_SD_MODE 0
#define GET_SD_SIZE 1
#define GET_SD_NLINK 2
#define GET_SD_BLOCKS 3
#define get_sd_mode(ih,sd,pmode) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_MODE, ih, sd, pmode, 0/*get*/)
#define set_sd_mode(ih,sd,pmode) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_MODE, ih, sd, pmode, 1/*set*/)
#define get_sd_size(ih,sd,psize) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_SIZE, ih, sd, psize, 0/*get*/)
#define set_sd_size(ih,sd,psize) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_SIZE, ih, sd, psize, 1/*set*/)
#define get_sd_blocks(ih,sd,pblocks) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_BLOCKS, ih, sd, pblocks, 0/*get*/)
#define set_sd_blocks(ih,sd,pblocks) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_BLOCKS, ih, sd, pblocks, 1/*set*/)
//#define get_sd_rdev(ih,sd,pblocks) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_RDEV, ih, sd, pblocks, 0/*get*/)
//#define set_sd_rdev(ih,sd,pblocks) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_RDEV, ih, sd, pblocks, 1/*set*/)
//#define get_sd_generation(ih,sd,pblocks) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_GENER, ih, sd, pblocks, 0/*get*/)
//#define set_sd_generation(ih,sd,pblocks) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_GENER, ih, sd, pblocks, 1/*set*/)
#define get_sd_nlink(ih,sd,pnlink) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_NLINK, ih, sd, pnlink, 0/*get*/)
#define set_sd_nlink(ih,sd,pnlink) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_NLINK, ih, sd, pnlink, 1/*set*/)
#define get_sd_first_direct_byte(ih,sd,pfdb) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_FIRST_DIRECT_BYTE, ih, sd, pfdb, 0/*get*/)
#define set_sd_first_direct_byte(ih,sd,pfdb) get_set_sd_field (GET_SD_FIRST_DIRECT_BYTE, ih, sd, pfdb, 1/*set*/)
int is_objectid_used (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, __u32 objectid);
void mark_objectid_used (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, __u32 objectid);
/* journal.c */
int get_boundary_transactions (reiserfs_filsys_t *, reiserfs_trans_t *,
reiserfs_trans_t *);
int next_transaction (reiserfs_filsys_t *, reiserfs_trans_t *, reiserfs_trans_t);
int replay_one_transaction (reiserfs_filsys_t *, reiserfs_trans_t *);
typedef void (*action_on_trans_t) (reiserfs_filsys_t *, reiserfs_trans_t *);
void for_each_transaction (reiserfs_filsys_t *, action_on_trans_t);
typedef void (*action_on_block_t) (reiserfs_filsys_t *, reiserfs_trans_t *,
unsigned int index,
unsigned long in_journal,
unsigned long in_place);
void for_each_block (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, reiserfs_trans_t * trans,
action_on_block_t action);
int reiserfs_open_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t *, char *, int flags);
int reiserfs_journal_params_check(reiserfs_filsys_t *fs);
int reiserfs_create_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, char * j_filename,
unsigned long offset, unsigned long len,
int transaction_max_size, int force);
int reiserfs_journal_opened (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_flush_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs);
void reiserfs_free_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs);
void reiserfs_close_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void reiserfs_reopen_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, int flag);
__u32 advise_journal_max_trans_age (void);
__u32 advise_journal_max_commit_age (void);
__u32 advise_journal_max_batch (unsigned long journal_trans_max);
__u32 advise_journal_max_trans_len (__u32 desired, __u32 journal_size, int blocksize, int verbose);
/* prints.c */
void print_indirect_item (FILE * fp, struct buffer_head * bh, int item_num);
void print_block (FILE * fp, reiserfs_filsys_t *, struct buffer_head * bh, ...);//int print_mode, int first, int last);
int print_super_block (FILE * fp, reiserfs_filsys_t *, char * file_name, struct buffer_head * bh, int short_print);
void print_journal (reiserfs_filsys_t *);
void print_journal_header (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs);
void reiserfs_warning (FILE * fp, const char * fmt, ...);
char ftypelet (mode_t mode);
void reiserfs_print_item (FILE * fp, struct buffer_head * bh,
struct item_head * ih);
void print_filesystem_state (FILE * fp, reiserfs_filsys_t * fs);
void print_one_transaction (reiserfs_filsys_t * fs, reiserfs_trans_t * trans);
void print_journal_params (FILE * fp, struct journal_params * jp);
char * get_reiserfs_version (__u16 version);
int can_we_format_it (char * device_name, int force);
#define reiserfs_panic(fmt, list...) \
fflush (stdout);\
fprintf (stderr, "%s %d %s\n", __FILE__, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__);\
reiserfs_warning (stderr, (const char *)fmt, ## list);\
reiserfs_warning (stderr, "\n" );\
abort ();\
#define reiserfs_exit(val, fmt, list...) \
fflush (stdout);\
reiserfs_warning (stderr, (const char *)fmt, ## list);\
reiserfs_warning (stderr, "\n" );\
exit (val);\
#define check_forcing_ask_confirmation(force) \
if (force < 1) {\
/* avoid formatting it without being forced */\
reiserfs_warning (stderr, "Use -f to force over\n");\
return 0;\
if (force < 2) {\
if (!user_confirmed (stderr, "Continue (y/n):", "y\n"))\
return 0;\