Before entering an issue, please read the information below.

GitHub is a main development tool for developers. There are hundreds requests a month and there are only few developers. So by opening an issue, please know that your issue will be sent out to all developers and acknowledge that it could be closed without explanation or with a brief message. Comments on the closed issues are also sent to all developers, so you will definitely will be heard. However, there is no guarantee that a developer will pick up the issue to work on it.

In case you are not sure to open issue or not, please send your request to support For general questions about OsmAnd, please use the Google group.

Please be sure to have read our FAQ before creating an issue here. (Also, tell us in Google Groups when the FAQ is wrong or outdated.)

The best way to get help about an OsmAnd issue is to create a valid and detailed issue content. Please give us the following information so that we can try to reproduce your issue:

What version of OsmAnd are you using, on what device and Android/iOS version?

Do you use the offline maps offered within the OsmAnd app for download, or online (tile / raster) maps?

If you have an issue related to offline maps, tell us the exact name of the map file where the issue occurs, and its edition date.

In case of wrong routing:

Tell us whether you have used OsmAnd's in-app offline routing, or any online routing provider like YOURS, OpenRouteService or OSRM.

What routing profile is chosen in OsmAnd app? (car, bike, pedestrian, fastest or shortest)

Please specify as exactly as possible the start and end point of your route by telling us city name and street name so that we can find it via in-app address search easily. Also, a permalink from can be helpful.

Tell us your expected routing, and how OsmAnd routes, or add screenshots here.