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Copyright © OsmAnd 20102014
### Credits to all major contributors/developers:
* Victor Shcherb all parts of the project, originator
* Pavol Zibrita first contributor and developer of some utilities
* Dusan Kazik one of the first contributors
* Andre Van Atten project supporter, active forum participant, one of the first users.
* Dr. Hardy Mueller map appearance concept and base renderers, international consistency and testing, usability, app scoping, concepts, documentation, wiki, market research.
* Yvecai main contributor to Contour Lines and Hillshade maps
* Alexey Pelykh C++ developer, created native library and made application much snappier.
* Max (Zahnstocher) Java contributor, active forum participant.
* Harry van der Wolf contributor to country boundaries, configuration files, address files, and much else; active forum participant.
* Robin ypid Schneider opening hours contributor
### Other Pull requests
Copyright © All authors of translations and pull requests could be found in commits history:
- Translations are under special contributor name weblate
- Pull requests have two committers, first is original contributor and second is project maintainer