Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)

Merge fourth patch-bomb from Andrew Morton:
 "A lot more stuff than expected, sorry.  A bunch of ocfs2 reviewing was
  finished off.

   - mhocko's oom-reaper out-of-memory-handler changes

   - ocfs2 fixes and features

   - KASAN feature work

   - various fixes"

* emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: (42 commits)
  thp: fix typo in khugepaged_scan_pmd()
  MAINTAINERS: fill entries for KASAN
  mm/filemap: generic_file_read_iter(): check for zero reads unconditionally
  kasan: test fix: warn if the UAF could not be detected in kmalloc_uaf2
  mm, kasan: stackdepot implementation. Enable stackdepot for SLAB
  arch, ftrace: for KASAN put hard/soft IRQ entries into separate sections
  mm, kasan: add GFP flags to KASAN API
  mm, kasan: SLAB support
  kasan: modify kmalloc_large_oob_right(), add kmalloc_pagealloc_oob_right()
  include/linux/oom.h: remove undefined oom_kills_count()/note_oom_kill()
  mm/page_alloc: prevent merging between isolated and other pageblocks
  drivers/memstick/host/r592.c: avoid gcc-6 warning
  ocfs2: extend enough credits for freeing one truncate record while replaying truncate records
  ocfs2: extend transaction for ocfs2_remove_rightmost_path() and ocfs2_update_edge_lengths() before to avoid inconsistency between inode and et
  ocfs2/dlm: move lock to the tail of grant queue while doing in-place convert
  ocfs2: solve a problem of crossing the boundary in updating backups
  ocfs2: fix occurring deadlock by changing ocfs2_wq from global to local
  ocfs2/dlm: fix BUG in dlm_move_lockres_to_recovery_list
  ocfs2/dlm: fix race between convert and recovery
  ocfs2: fix a deadlock issue in ocfs2_dio_end_io_write()