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* Copyright 2016 <>
* see COPYING file
* Replacement for shim.efi which is signed by your own key
* and installs the shim protocol verifier for grub to use
* so the secure boot chain is unbroken
#include <efi.h>
#include <efilib.h>
#include <console.h>
#include <guid.h>
#include <efiauthenticated.h>
#include <execute.h>
#include <shim_protocol.h>
#include <pkcs7verify.h>
static const CHAR16 *loader = L"\\grub.efi";
static const CHAR16 *fallback = L"\\fallback.efi";
efi_main (EFI_HANDLE image, EFI_SYSTEM_TABLE *systab)
EFI_STATUS efi_status;
CHAR16 *error;
void *ptr;
InitializeLib(image, systab);
efi_status = pkcs7verify_get_protocol(image, &p7vp, &error);
if (efi_status != EFI_SUCCESS) {
console_error(error, efi_status);
return efi_status;
efi_status = shim_protocol_install();
if (efi_status != EFI_SUCCESS)
console_error(L"Failed to install shim protocol", efi_status);
efi_status = BS->LocateProtocol(&MOK_OWNER,
NULL, &ptr);
if (efi_status != EFI_SUCCESS)
console_error(L"Failed to locate shim protocol", efi_status);
efi_status = execute(image, loader);
if (efi_status == EFI_SUCCESS)
return efi_status;
console_error(L"Failed to start primary loader", efi_status);
efi_status = execute(image, fallback);
if (efi_status != EFI_SUCCESS)
console_error(L"Failed to start fallback loader", efi_status);
return efi_status;